WATCH: Minnesota Farmer’s Bean Field Collapses Leaving ‘Grand Canyon-Looking Crack’

by Megan Molseed

A fourth-generation Minnesota farmer was shocked recently as he drove upon his black bean field.

When Wayne Erickson approached his long-tended bean field last weekend, he discovered that it had literally fallen into the earth. And, according to the farm owner, he has never seen anything like this happen before.

“When I drove out here, it looked like the Grand Canyon,” Wayne Erickson said of the shocking events that recently altered his northwestern Minnesota black bean field so drastically.

“We didn’t have all that slumping going on, it was just straight down,” the farmer noted as he gestured towards the slide. “Straight up and down.”

A Small Crack Leads To Big Trouble

According to CBS Minnesota, the massive slide started a while ago, when Erickson and his family noticed a small crack forming in the soybean field.

Erickson’s daughter shared on a social media post that a small crack was discovered earlier in the summer. The post went on to ask for prayers that the damage doesn’t spread further towards Erickson’s farmhouse.

Soon, however, this small crack grew into something much bigger than anyone could have predicted. Now, there is about a quarter of a mile-long stretch on Wayne Erickson’s farm where it appears almost as if the bean field has simply disappeared.

Recent photos and drone footage of the Climax Minnesota bean field details the damage that was done in the unusual landslide.

Wayne Erickson’s neighbor, Brad Thorenson shared the footage he had recorded shortly after the devastating event.

In the video, we can see areas of Erickson’s bean field that have fallen as much as twenty-five feet into the ground.

The footage is certainly shocking to look at. However, according to reports, the drone’s video doesn’t fully depict the extent of the damage the devastating slide that has had on the bean field.

It appears the land in Erickson’s bean field is continuing to shift, and pieces are still busing away as time goes on.

What Caused the Bean Field Collapse?

So, what exactly, is the cause of this abnormal and unexpected event?

Could it be the recent dry weather? Or drop in river levels? Or, could the recent rains that broke the dry spell around Erickson’s farm be the cause of the devastating landslide? Maybe the springs nearby had something to do with this?

According to geologists, the cause of this event is very likely a “perfect storm” of all of the above.

According to geologists at the University of North Dakota, it is likely that the dry weather caused a drop in the water levels in the bean fields nearby the Red River. Then, the recent rains created a situation that caused the land to shift in such an extreme manner.

“It is sad, sad to see it,” Wayne Erickson’s wife Erlene said as she looked upon the fallen bean field. “Mother Nature does what she wants.”