WATCH: Monster 350-Pound Sturgeon Stuns Fishermen as It Attempts to Break Line with Jump

by Jon D. B.

“Speechless!” No matter how many videos you’ve seen of anglers and their “monsters,” this sturgeon‘s breach is unmissable.

So far, nearly 5 million people share this sentiment, too. The footage, courtesy of The Yves Bisson Sturgeon Co. on Instagram, has indeed gone viral – and for good reason!

Within, we see Yves Bisson himself, a professional sturgeon guide in British Columbia, Canada, in action as he lands – in his own words – “the fish of a lifetime.”

“Holy crap!” Bisson remarks after the sturgeon’s leap. It’s a remarkable sight, and those on his fishing tour can’t help but react in kind. Not only does he land his monster freshie, but a cohort is lucky enough to capture it all on video as the sturgeon breaches the waters, leaping the length of its massive body into the air.

I fully admit to my jaw-dropping with the first view – something I did not expect! Bisson didn’t, either. Give the moment a watch for yourself below, courtesy of The Yves Bisson Sturgeon Co. on Instagram:

With the mass attention this clip has garnered, Bisson has found himself speaking to news outlets across North America. He tells trades that the sturgeon is likely 50+ years old. As for its size? Around 350 pounds!

It is, indeed, “the fish of a lifetime.”

Bisson placed a tag on the behemoth after reeling it in. Then, the giant was released back into the wilds of British Columbia’s Fraser River. The Fraser hosted this incredible event, and is the only place in B.C. where sturgeon can be targeted for fishing.

BC Sturgeon More Massive Than Any Found in US

To put Bisson’s 350-pounder into perspective, Alpena Fish and Wildlife Conservation scientists recently caught a near-7-foot lake sturgeon in the Detroit River.

At 7-feet, this U.S. sturgeon weighed 240 pounds. Caught in May, it, too, was called “a once in a lifetime catch” by Alpena Fish and Wildlife’s Detroit River native species crew. By comparison, this would easily place Bisson’s 350 pound B.C. sturgeon at 9+ feet.

Posting their own monster sturgeon on Facebook, Alpena says their “real-life river monster” holds a girth of 4 feet. This makes the fish larger than most full-grown men, as you can clearly see in their photo via our previous coverage.

“Caught in the Detroit River, this fish is one of the largest lake sturgeon ever recorded in the U.S.,” Alpena details. “Based on its girth and size, it is assumed to be a female and that she has been roaming our waters over 100 years.”

100 years! “So, she likely hatched in the Detroit River around 1920 when Detroit became the 4th largest city in America,” their post adds. Absolutely stellar.

The crew “quickly released” their monster sturgeon “back into the river after being processed,” they note.