WATCH: Monster Bull Shark Searches for Lunch in Crazy Video from Texas

by Quentin Blount

Have you ever seen a hungry bull shark searching for its lunch? We hadn’t until late last week when a video of it happening blew up on social media.

That’s right — a video out of Florida surfaced on Facebook last week showing a bull shark searching for some lunch. The insane recording was captured by Galveston, Texas, resident Blake Becks. It shows the bull shark casually making its way through the shallow waters.

All the while, there were plenty of people standing by on the pier watching the whole situation unfold. Many of them can be heard in the background of the video — some sounding fascinated while others sounded a little unsettled. The kids, though, were definitely part of the former group.

“The kids were very excited,” Becks admitted in the caption.

“Big ‘ol bull shark,” he says in the video as he records. He thinks that the shark is somewhere in the neighborhood of five-and-a-half long. He later adds that “it’s one big enough to ruin the day.”

Take a look at the crazy video down below:

According to the National Wildlife Federation, adult bull sharks can weigh anywhere between 200 and 500 pounds. And males bull sharks can grow up to be seven feet in length. They are a species known for their tendency to move into shallow waters, making them more likely to make contact with humans. All of those encounters are what lead to their reputation as being ferocious.

People on Facebook Comment on Crazy Bull Shark Video

It only makes sense that a crazy bull shark video sparked some discussion among commenters. One of the wilder moments of the video came when the shark decided to take a bit out of a dead fish that was floating on the water. Becks points it out while he records, noting that it doesn’t seem all that interested in dead fish.

“It might have more of an appetite for a stingray or flounder,” he says.

Meanwhile, other people had their own thoughts after seeing the video.

“That’s some Florida level stuff right there,” one person commented.

Another Facebook user even used the video to justify their reasoning behind never getting into the water.

“This is why I stay out of the water,” they said. “Even when the water isn’t this clear, they are still there.”

The NWF states that “Bull sharks are often considered to be the most dangerous sharks to humans because of their aggressive tendencies and ability to migrate up rivers.”

However, when it’s all said and done, there are still less than 20 fatal shark attacks per year on average in the entire world. Want more crazy outdoors content? Keep reading right here on Outsider.