WATCH: Monster Crocodile Eats Shark on Beach

by Jon D. B.

And if that weren’t enough to hook you – the gargantuan crocodile comes back for a second shark, exposing his true enormity.

“Check out this monster … holy smackers, I just caught a shark, which I couldn’t get back into the water because this fella was coming, and now he’s going to come in and eat it and I am going to s**t myself.”

Such begins the absolutely timeless narration of today’s intense footage. Shot by Australian shore fisherman Yvonne Palmer, the nigh-unbelievable video shows a monster crocodile rising from ocean depths Godzilla-style to consume not one, but two sharks.

Palmer caught both sharks – each a juvenile – and went to release them back into the ocean. Luckily for her, she spotted the gargantuan reptile headed directly for her sharks before reentering the waters.

Oh my lord, he’s like one, two, three … I can see like four meters and he’s still got tail in the water. I have never been shaking so much in my whole life,” she continues.

Her assessment is highly accurate, too, which is unsurprising given how familiar Australians are with crocodiles. The country’s saltwater crocodiles can reach an astounding 6-7 meters. To us Americans, that’s an unbelievable 20-ish feet.

Australia has Monster Crocodiles, Not Alligators

The uploader of this incredible footage, however, is not Australian. As such, he labels the crocodile correctly in his edit, then incorrectly describes it as an “alligator” in his description.

“In Australia, Alligators are common in northern part-” we’ll go ahead and stop you right there, YouTube guy. Australia has no alligators, only indigenous crocodiles. Alligators are found almost exclusively in the Americas, which includes American alligator and caiman species. There is one exception, however, which is the small Chinese alligator.

The uploader continues to state that the “monster” came “as close to 3 meter[s] from the person who shot the video.”

In doing so, the crocodile is able to eat both juvenile sharks the Australian woman caught. And it is an absolute sight.

“It is very dangerous in this area and always have to watchful around for these monsters,” the YouTube description ends. On this, we agree – though this sentence might as well be applied to all of Australia.

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