WATCH: Monstrous Grouper Devours Anglers’ Bonito Catch in Hysterical Video

by Madison Miller

There’s nothing quite like watching fish go fishing.

In a new viral video, Josh Jorgensen, a producer of extreme fishing videos for BlacktipH, was fishing in the Atlantic a few months ago when something wild happened.

As he was fishing over a sunken wreck spot he caught a bonito. The bonito swims right at the surface of the water.

Then, just a second later, a massive, yellow, goliath grouper swooped in and stole the catch. Moments later, it was back under the water. The ocean looked still as if a massive grouper did not just strike.

The fisherman, however, was a little less calm. As it’s happening Jorgensen is seen flipping out on camera. He exclaims, “Oh my gosh! Oh my Gosh!”

Jorgensen had an idea that a grouper attack was on the horizon. Right as the bonito is seen, he said “The dinner bell is ringing.”

So, even though they were expecting the goliath grouper, the speed at which it quickly attacked and disappeared left the fishermen in shock.

“The grouper in the video definitely caught me off guard … The grouper broke me off in the wreck after it ate my bait,” Jorgensen told For The Win Outdoors.

The Goliath Grouper

This grouper is very critically endangered. There are fishing laws in place that force those fishing to release one if caught.

These massive creatures are eight feet and up to 700 pounds. This fish is one of the largest predators on coral reefs and along mangrove forests.

When it comes to eating, the grouper will swallow their prey whole. They can eat anything from very large fish to small sharks.

According to Oceana, these fish have reduced numbers by at least 80% due to destructive fishing practices. This is because they are highly predictable as to where they reside and they are not afraid of humans.