WATCH: Montana Turkey Hunter Has Intense Standoff with Three Mountain Lions

by Jon D. B.

Imagine using your turkey call in the middle of the woods, only to summon not one – but three mountain lions – and living to tell the tale.

New camo pants, anyone? Someone get this man a pair, as this encounter would have even the most stalwart of outdoorsmen, well, you get it.

One Janis Putelis, co-host of the popular MeatEater podcast, recently found himself in the company of a pack of apex predators whilst hunting some good ol’ thunder chickens. The hunt proves Putelis quite the skilled turkey-caller, too. So much so, in fact, that his calls summoned said apex predators to dine on what they thought was a turkey!

Instead, they found Putelis and fellow hunter Zach Sandau in their Montana woods. Sandau caught some of the affair on camera, and it is a sight to behold.

Within, two mountain lions can be seen prowling the bush directly in front of the duo. They weren’t shy, either, coming within mere yards of the hunters. Staying still and hoping not to provoke the stealthy predators, Putelis and Sandau survive the situation to tell a hell of a tale.

“Zach Sandau and I called in a three pack of mountain lions while turkey hunting,” Putelis explains in his April 15 Instagram post, noting that there were not two, but three total mountain lions present. Watch the clip for yourself below, fellow Outsiders, and join us in our collective “no thank you.”

One Mountain Lion is Enough, but THREE?

The footage is unusual for a few reasons. For one, mountain lions are solitary hunters and prefer to prowl for prey solo. As such, the species is ferociously territorial. They will lay claim to and protect an area as large as 100 square miles. That’s an entire city!

This is good news for us humans, too. Mountain lions are incredibly stealthy hunters, and can/will down a human if they need to. Fatalities are rare, but those unlucky enough to meet this fate hardly ever see or hear it coming.

With this in mind, USA Today’s For The Win Outdoors reached out to Petulis to see what went down.

“Both cougars that appear in the footage were year-old kittens… Including one that scrambled in for a closer look and snarled at the hunters before backing away to join its mom and sibling,” FTW says Petulis told them after asking for comment.

As host of the MeatEater Podcast, Janis Petula promises to share greater detail on the encounter in an upcoming episode, too. Now there’s a story worth podcasting!