Watch: Moose Storms Soccer Field Bringing Teen Practice To Screeching Halt

by Chris Haney
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

There are countless times that an animal has interrupted a sporting event by running onto the field, but only in Alaska will a pickup game of soccer get interrupted by a moose wanting to join in on the fun.

On Wednesday, that is exactly what happened when a group of teenagers in Homer, Alaska were playing soccer on a local pitch. The teens were having a casual kickaround when an enormous moose trotted onto the field and joined in on the fun.

As the teens scurried off to the side of the field, the animal took over and commandeered their soccer ball. All things considered – it is a moose after all – the huge animal showed off some impressive dribbling skills as it started to pass the soccer ball between its hooves. Additionally, the moose even took a shot at goal when it booted the ball around 25 yards or so.

As the moose went for goal, one of the teens shouted, “Oh yea, he scores! Great shot.” 

Moose Shows Off His Impressive Soccer Skills as Teens Play Along

Some of the teens on the field stuck around and tried to play a round with the moose. One even passed the ball back to the animal, but the pass was not reciprocated.

“We had an unsolicited visitor tonight at pickup soccer. Air Bud, but meet: Air Moose,” one of the teens wrote on Instagram. “This is so Alaska right here. Love it. #alaska #alaskalife #moose #soccerprobs #soccerinalaskaprobs”

Another bystander filmed the event from a safer distance – off to the side of the field. Viewers get another good look at the large animal dribbling in circles before kicking towards goal. Whether or not the beast meant to shoot for goal is debatable.

A Twitter user reposted the video making fun of the fact that this was definitely a very Alaskan type of situation.

“Just a casual day in Alaska playing soccer with a moose. #Alaska,” they tweeted.

The moose seemed to really enjoy the short game of soccer, and you can hear the excitement of the teens in the video. The on-field encounter is definitely one the players will be talking about for a long time.

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