WATCH: Moron Tourist Gets Within Inches of Huge Bighorn Sheep in Glacier National Park

by Amy Myers

At this point, it’s easier to assume that tourists will do the exact wrong thing around wild animals. The latest incident took place at Glacier National Park when a foolish visitor decided to ignore all common sense and walk right up bighorn sheep in one of the parking lots.

Between Glacier and Yellowstone national parks, there are over 5,000 bighorn sheep in Montana. With muscular, compact physiques and curled horns, they’re like a spring-loaded boxing glove ready to strike. Of course, like nearly every animal encounter we see, the bighorn sheep in question wasn’t acting aggressively. In fact, this species tends to keep its distance from humans… unless, you know, someone on their phone decides to head straight towards them with seemingly no perception of personal space.

A couple of fellow Glacier National Park visitors caught the interaction on video – from a safe distance, we might add. While assumingly walking to his vehicle, the tourist wandered toward the horned animal, clearly too focused on his phone, getting within inches of the sheep. Not surprisingly, the startled sheep turned around and gave a warning jump. Thankfully, the man took the hint and rerouted himself before the real attack occurred.

“What an idiot,” the recording tourist said.

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What Would Have Happened If Glacier National Park Tourist Continued to Approach Bighorn Sheep

Really, we’re glad that the man with poor judgment didn’t end up on the receiving end of the sheep’s horns. That means not only is he safe, but so is everyone around him as well as the animal. Had he tested his luck and continued to approach the wild animal, the video would have a much more violent ending.

The first is that the sheep would have hit the man with 800 kilograms of force, roughly 10 times the power of two NFL players colliding. Not to mention, these creatures have a ramming speed of up to 40 miles per hour. Add some parked vehicles and unforgiving asphalt to the mix and that would have been a surefire way to spend the next few days in the hospital – probably with a cracked rib or two and a bad concussion.

Of course, with such a close call, it’s hard to say whether this tourist really learned his lesson which is why some viewers (550 viewers, to be exact) were “rooting for the ram.”

Meanwhile, the Dodge Ram jokes just kept coming.

“The guys about to find out what ram tough means,” one viewer joked.

Another added, “He thought it was his Ram at first but forgot he drove the Plymouth.”

“There’s a sweet ram in the parking lot. ‘I’m more of a Chevy guy myself,'” a third narrated.