WATCH: Motherly Deer Emerges from Trees to Check In on Woman’s Crying Child

by Shelby Scott

Last week, Ohio resident, Hannah Burton shared a video on TikTok of a protective motherly deer rushing out of the woods to check on her baby. The clip shows Burton’s son on her front porch, having “tummy time” and fussing. As viewers watch the deer rush out of the woods, we hear Burton say, “Nope, nope, nope…This is my baby.”

It’s a humorous yet heartwarming moment Burton lets viewers in on. Watch the video below to see the clip and get the full scoop at


When you almost have to throw down with a momma deer because your baby starts crying outside

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White-tailed deer are typically shy creatures and try their best to avoid humans and other noisy environments. However, it’s also not surprising that a mother deer would suddenly become so protective. Naturally, once a female births her fawn, they typically hang around for about two years before heading off on their own. Young male bucks usually part ways at about a year.

This means this particular mama probably has her own babies hanging around nearby. It could help explain her nervous behavior at hearing Burton’s little one fussing. Although Mama tenses up once Burton starts talking to her, she nevertheless hangs around, motherly instincts causing her major concern.

Despite that deer are a popular and, often considered, invasive species, Americans are consistently intrigued by these shy creatures. We have proof of that in the 27 million views, 6 million likes, and 37,000 comments Burton’s video garnered on TikTok.

Are Deer Commonly Protective of Other Species?

Obviously in this video, and others that have previously gone viral on other video sharing platforms, white-tailed deer do tend to be protective of humans from time to time. This is especially true when it comes to children. But what about other, more defenseless species?

In a previous Outsider example, park manager, Kris Miller, came across a mangled hawk in some foliage at his Wild Rose Park in Wisconsin. For such a predatory bird, this kind of find is extremely unusual. Nonetheless, he found the most insane footage on his security cameras.

In the video, a female goes full-on “Mama Bear” and starts battering a male red-tailed hawk with her hooves, forcing the bird to release its prey. As she takes on the hawk, we watch a small rabbit escape off the frame. As humans, we love a happy ending so we expect the deer to leave the bird once the rabbit escapes.

Plot twist: the video goes on for three minutes and fifteen seconds before concluding, the female still battering the hawk. She only seems to consider letting it be once another white-tail makes its appearance in the footage.

Thinking back to Burton’s video, especially after watching the aforementioned footage, it makes sense as to why she was a little jumpy when the mama deer came bursting from the trees. Lesson learned? Don’t mess with Bambi.