WATCH: Mountain Lion Stalks Hiking Couple, Held Off in Tense Encounter

by Shelby Scott

As Outsiders well know, trips taken in the seclusion of the woods occasionally end with various wildlife encounters. Whether it’s intense moose encounters in the United States’ northeastern regions, or alligator and crocodile encounters down south, it’s important to acknowledge these animals inhabit these areas. Other potential encounters include unintentional run-ins with nosy mountain lions.

When these human/animal encounters do take place, it doesn’t mean they aren’t scary. Most recently, two hikers saw themselves in a tense encounter with a female mountain lion. The below video captures the female, later identified as Uno the mountain lion, as she intently stalks the hiking pair. Check it out.

According to the videographer, Mark Girardeau, he recorded their scary encounter for a total of two minutes. His companion, Rachel de Vlugt, said the confrontation with the mountain lion “felt like an eternity.”

Nevertheless, things ended quietly, the large feline trotting off after Girardeau spent two minutes yelling at Uno to, “Get back.”

In his post, the hiker shared the encounter to show Outsiders how to cope in these kinds of situations. According to yahoo!sports, mountain lions, primarily in California, tend to prey on mule deer and don’t typically pose threats to humans.

Girardeau highlighted in the Instagram post, “Attacks on humans are extremely rare and you’re more likely to win the lotto or get struck by lightning.”

Nevertheless, he insisted Outsiders who encounter mountain lions should not run away as mountain lion prey does exactly that. Instead, he simply emphasizes the importance of making your presence known and maintaining eye contact.

Brave Dog Faces Off with Huge Mountain Lion

While the above encounter ended peacefully for both our hikers and the nosy mountain lion, another family’s encounter did not go over as well.

In La Verne, California last Monday, resident Mary Padres spotted a mountain lion in her backyard moments after opening her back door. As soon as she spotted it, her brave pit bull named Rocky shot after the large cat and his injuries prove things did not end quietly.

After Rocky shot after the mountain lion, the family went out into the night to search for the courageous canine, eventually locating him and bringing him own.

In speaking with CBS News, Padres said they could see a hole down into poor Rocky’s brain following the attack.

Nevertheless, it appears the dog is in good spirits after suffering eight puncture wounds during his battle with the bg cat and enduring 30 stitches. Now, the worst part of his recovery is sure to be his hair growth as much of his body was shaved in completing the stitches. Check out Rocky’s full story here.