Watch NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Mission Livestream in Real-Time

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Xinhua/NASA/JPL-Caltech via Getty Images

If you’re looking for a way to fill an uneventful Saturday, consider going to Mars.

That is virtually, of course. NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover has a live stream that be viewed for hours on hours. The real-time video can be found on YouTube.

Paired with some pretty calming instrumental music, it may be the perfect background video or full-attention video of the day.

NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover

What exactly is the mission of the Mars rover and what is it you’re seeing in the video?

The Mars rover is a part of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, which has been a longstanding project to gather information on Mars using robots.

At the end of the day, NASA, as well as most of the human population, is curious if life is possible on the surface of Mars.

According to NASA’s website, the rover is looking for signs of habitable conditions. However, it is also on the lookout for signs of life already existing on Mars. This doesn’t necessarily mean if you watch the live stream long enough you’ll get a jump scare from a green alien, rather, scientists are looking for signs of “past microbial life itself.”

For space enthusiasts, the live stream could be the opportunity to see historical moments in space exploration and possibly the future of human civilization.

The mission will also be testing methods for producing oxygen, looking for natural resources like water, and improving future landing conditions. In many ways, the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover is gearing us for a future cozy life very far away.

Hidden Code in Rover’s Parachute

On Feb. 18, while the rover was taking the plunge through Mars’ atmosphere, it deployed a parachute.

While that seems ordinary enough on the surface, people on the internet cracked a secret code from the parachute hours after seeing it.

According to Live Science, the pattern of concentric circles spells out a code in binary computer code. While that sentence makes little sense to most people, it did to those who cracked the code.

Adam Steltzner, the chief engineer of the rover, confirmed that it was in fact a code and the internet’s interpretation was correct. That is, the message, “Dare mighty things.” It’s the same motto NASA has used for years.

Members of the crew have said there are several secret codes and messages hidden on Perseverance. Hopefully, people on the internet will crack them for us.