WATCH: Nature Guide Has Horrifying Encounter with Growling Lion Outside His Window

by Jon D. B.

Dealing with mountain lions here in North America can be terrifying enough. But African lions? Now that’s a whole different level, as this wildlife pro demonstrates.

Nature guide Dylan Panos, is sharing his lion encounter with the world this week. Thankfully for him (and those of us watching this unfold), there’s a thick wall between him and the pride male.

Down in South Africa, 46-year-old Panos was having his morning coffee when an unexpected guest initiated a stare-down from the kitchen window, South West News Service reports.

“So, my kitchen is growling at me this morning,” Panos offers in his footage. “As you can see, we’ve got a beautiful male lion looking through my kitchen window. And I just need to get to that kettle… To make some coffee, that’s all,” he reassures the big guy.

Dyan runs Bhejane Nature Training, a nature guide training facility on northern KwaZulu Natal, South Africa’s Somkhana Game Reserve. He shared his initial footage to WhatsApp, before outlets began circulating the incredible scenes Sunday. Check Panos’ clips out for yourself right here, before we get into further details below:

While it’s reassuring that Dylan is inside while the massive lion remains outside… It makes the pride male’s incredible growls and roars no less intimidating.

“Should I go cold turkey this morning and not have coffee?” Panos contemplates. “What a dilemma.”

A dilemma, indeed, as once you take a closer look, you realize the wildlife cottage’s “windows” are actually just chicken wire. There’s no thick glass to prevent the lion from barreling in for his own impromptu breakfast.

As soon as Dylan steps towards the opening, the big cat lets out a roar and a boastful nudge. And as it turns out, this pride male was only the first of eight lions to visit that day.

Male Leads Pride Of 8 Lions To Nature Guide’s Camp

Bhejane Nature Training’s co-owner, Christa Panos, tells Fox News that the lion pride was quite rowdy that day. Both students and staff were present in tents during the event, too.

“We assume that the female made her way to the buildings and stayed close to the building in an attempt to discourage the male from pursuing her,” Christa tells the outlet. “She was not very interested in him.”

Panos continues: “However, the male could not be so easily persuaded. Male lions have a very limited time period in which to successfully mate and they become quite determined and goal-focused during this time.”

She says the aggressive behavior on the pride male’s part serves as a “warning to stay away.” He saw Dylan as a threat to his female, and wished “to ensure he gets the opportunity to mate with her.”

Something tells us Dylan wasn’t going to put up much of a fight there.

“Dylan was able to stay calm and composed and have a bit of fun in the video because he understood the lion’s situation and had eyes on all the cats,” Christa cites. “It was fine for Dylan to proceed with making the coffee – he could not be any more of a threat… The lions would probably soon realize this and move off.”

As the Panos’ are still alive, this seems to be the case. What an encounter.