WATCH: New Orleans Nurse Captures Horrifying Hurricane Ida Moment When Debris Flies Into Window

by Shelby Scott

According to a report yesterday, Louisiana hospitals have prepared for the arrival of major storms like Hurricane Ida since early this summer. However, in between tasks, one New Orleans nurse captured the jaw-dropping moment Ida flung building debris into the hospital window.

The video, taken at Oschner Health’s main campus hospital in Jefferson, shows Hurricane Ida ripping off the roof of one of the hospital’s nearby medical buildings before debris begins striking the window. Additionally, according to a WWL-TV report, based out of New Orleans, Oschner main was swaying in the heavy winds of the storm.

The first video, shared by Nurse Christiane Gottbrath, posted the clip of the roof peeling off to her Instagram story.

Another hospital employee, Nurse Brandon Giffin, captured footage of Hurricane Ida’s destruction from a different level of the building.

Louisiana Hospitals Continued to Function Through Sunday

As Hurricane Ida ripped through LA yesterday, hospitals continued to function with doctors and nurses treating patients. Following the roof’s destruction, hospital authorities reported that two patient rooms suffered damage as windows shattered. However, no one received injuries following the incident. The healthcare network’s other locations remained functional following the storm as well.

Although, Oschner Health President and CEO Warner Thomas did share that several skylights broke and multiple stairwells saw water leakage. He also stated that many of the network’s buildings were seeing pieces ripped off during the major winds. Other than that, building structures did not suffer any major damage.

According to the Daily Mail, Oschner Health, alongside other LA hospitals, continue to function through the use of backup generators. Many locations include those in New Orleans and others within the Bayou region. Additionally, the Oschner system has 10 days of supplies on hand, and other hospitals even have access to their own water wells. The news outlet stated LA tap water may be undrinkable for the next several days.

Hurricane Ida Demolished New Orleans Buildings Following Arrival

While gratefully, New Orleans hospitals suffered minimal damage throughout Hurricane Ida’s wrath Sunday, other downtown buildings were completely demolished. The hurricane and its 100-mile-per-hour+ winds moved through Southeast New Orleans yesterday, slamming into one brick building and causing its complete collapse. Before and after photos capture the dismal view.

Wind and rain continued to pelt New Orleans and surrounding areas later last night, however, Hurricane Ida did exemplify signs of slowly diminishing. According to The Guardian (8:06 a.m. EDT) the storm hurricane was expected to continue inland throughout southeast LA and into southwest Mississippi. Later Monday, forecasters predict her migration north, eventually moving over Tennessee on Tuesday.

And while the storm definitely has the potential to ravage numerous southern regions early this week, recent reports claim that Hurricane Ida may eventually impact the Northeast as far as New England later in the week.