WATCH: New York Bus Passengers Stand on Seats to Avoid Knee High Waters From Hurricane Ida

by Kati Michelle

As much as the Gulf tried to prepare for Hurricane Ida, its wrath proved to be worse than imagined. Recently it was announced that over 100 men are stranded on a drill ship in the Gulf with no imminent rescue plan. Animals in the area are also in danger with nowhere to go. With a rising death toll, Hurricane Ida’s remnants are now targeting folks of the Northeast. Frightening videos provided by locals show the storms’ destructive powers. Between the tornadoes and thunderstorms, flash flooding is also a real concern. Floods already took over New York City’s underground subway system, but now the roadways are just as perilous.

In newly released shocking footage, the floods show travel as nearly impossible and even potentially life-threatening.

Buses are No Match for Hurricane Ida’s Wrath

When passengers got on the New York city bus, they knew it could be a tricky journey. The on and off flash flooding came after some warning, after all. What passengers didn’t know, however, is that their bus would soon take on another form: a boat. Joe English was one such passenger. English is a self-proclaimed “Brit in Brooklyn” and covers humanitarian crises for the NYC @UNICEF press office. When things went awry, English did what he does best and opted to get coverage of the events. Posting 2 videos of the crisis to his personal Twitter account, the video shot directly inside the bus ride is perhaps the most shocking.

The video provided by English shows the city bus as it fills with floodwaters the deeper it travels along its set route. English calls Queens Boulevard in Maspeth/Corona “a literal river” and “insane.” We can see English and the other passengers somehow keep their calm as they are forced to climb the seats of the bus to escape the rising water. Some expletives echo in the background while passengers urge the bus driver to take his time. Miraculously, the bus driver takes the group to higher ground and they escape the Hurricane Ida remnants unscathed together.

The video, posted last night, has amassed over 600k views and can be seen here:

Passenger Update

English didn’t think his videos would garner so much attention. In one tweet he addresses the fact that it’s been hard for him to keep up with all the messages. He took to Twitter this morning and kept the video thread going by responding with an update. English seems to be doing well and is actually more concerned about the other victims of Hurricane Ida who have lost their homes and loved ones. He sends out his thoughts:

“Thankfully, the worst we’re dealing with this morning is stuffing wet shoes with newspaper, thoughts with the families who’ve lost loved ones, and those who’s homes and businesses have been damaged or destroyed #IdaAftermath