WATCH: Orangutan Gropes Woman, Kisses Her on the Cheek in Viral Video

by Jonathan Howard

Who knew an orangutan could be so handsy? One Safari World visitor in Bangkok, Thailand found out in a now-viral video. While visiting the zoo-like attraction, the visitor sat down to take photos with one of the orange great apes. Safari World brings the outdoors close to patrons and allows these funny animals to roam free and interact with those that are visiting.

Sometimes, a monkey or ape will spit at you. Blow their lips, or make an obscene gesture. But this took it to a whole new level. The orangutan walked up confidently and posed for the photo. Instead of placing its hands around the waist of the visitor, it went for something else.

You’ve gotta see this for yourself. The great ape finished things off with a kiss on the cheek. Just a wild situation no one expects themselves to be in. Check out the video below via TMZ.

Thankfully, it looks like everyone involved, both human and ape alike, had a good laugh about it all.

The thing about orangutans is that they can be cute and frisky like this, or they can be very very aggressive. It’s hit or miss at times. Strangely enough, some of the worst stories come from incidents where the animal is caged up. Perhaps letting them walk around isn’t such a bad idea after all.

It’s better than whatever situation was going on in another recent viral video that showed a more violent orangutan. This situation was a bit more harrowing.

Orangutan-Human Interactions Don’t Always End with Laughs

When it comes to human and orangutan interactions, not every incident ends with laughs and smiles. Sometimes, it can get scary. While the orangutan from Safari World was playful and full of fun and laughs, some zoos don’t take very good care of their animals. And sometimes, these apes realize that they are big and strong and try to take advantage of that. After all, they are wild animals.

Still, it was shocking when in June a video emerged from an unknown place. An orangutan in a cage was hanging out near the edge where a man stood. These beasts can weigh up to 300 pounds at times. And their long arms can grab things quickly when they want to.

Unfortunately, in this situation, the thing the ape grabbed was the man nearby. The shirt stretched, the orangutan wouldn’t let go, and the man was yelling for help over and over again. Eventually, he was freed, but it was a very close call that likely had the man thankful he was largely unharmed. At one point in the video, you can see the man completely suspended, with his feet pressed on the cage. He was lucky to make it out with his arms in their sockets.