WATCH: Oregon Hiker Claims He Captured Footage of Bigfoot

by Madison Miller

Can we finally prove Bigfoot is real? And is it possible a TikTok could confirm the notorious hard-to-film beast?

One Oregon hiker has claimed he’s seen Bigfoot multiple times in the last month. Mike Bodewitz had been hiking in an Oregon forest where he believes that the large furry creature had been watching him.

Hiker Posts Videos on TikTok

He first posted about his supposed sighting on April 15. He captioned that first video, “Real Sasquatch watching me as I filmed in the forest of Oregon.” Bodewitz is showing some prerecorded footage that he seems to have captured on a laptop. Through the bush, just barely, some kind of figure seems to be standing still, then suddenly walks away.

Bodewitz doesn’t stop there either. On April 19, he also posts another video, this time claiming people can “see it is clearly a video.” He posts again on April 26 and then on May 4.

In his most recent video, Mike Bodewitz claims he was walking down a ravine when he spotted a Sasquatch. He is filming something far away in the forest and is zoomed in on his camera, which is bouncing around shakily. He again claims it is “watching me.” Bodewitz said, “It’s hard to see any facial features, it’s peaking out of the brush … a lot of people say, ‘Oh that’s a stump,’ but this part is really high off the ground … there’s no way a stump can be that tall. I didn’t want to get any closer to make it nervous or anything…”

TikTok users are not exactly believing Bodewitz’s Bigfoot claims. One user wrote, “This could be literally anything! Nothing is showing anything specific for people to be so excited about!” Meanwhile, another user told people to “move along.” While some may not believe his legendary Bigfoot encounters out in the wilderness, other TikTok users are saying how fascinating they find the possibility of the mysterious creature. One user even said they “saw one years ago.”

BigFoot Sightings in the U.S.

According to the Bigfoot Field Research Organization, Oregon actually has the highest rates of reported Bigfoot sightings per capita. So, it really isn’t that surprising the TikTok hiker is in Oregon during his sightings. There have been 254 sightings in the state this year.

Bend Bulletin also reported that a lot of the time it’s not exactly sightings, but people hear an alarming and unusual sound.

“We got an awful lot of reports from Oregon that were sound-only reports, and we don’t post most of those. We just have to be judicious… We’ve got so many people who say it’s the scariest thing they’ve ever heard. But he was talking about a low pitch that puts it out of the realm of coyotes or owls,” Executive Director of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization, Matt Moneymaker, said.

Bigfoot really is nothing new. Conferences, videos, documentaries, and news articles have all talked about the forest-dwelling beast for decades. There was even a Nebraska Bigfoot Conference the last weekend of April. There have been more spottings of the mythical creature in Lincoln than in any other portion of Nebraska.

There’s also a new Hulu true-crime documentary that is titled “Sasquatch.” It follows investigative journalist David Holthouse as he tries to solve a 25-year-old triple homicide. The catch is that many believe a certain mythical creature was responsible for the deaths. The documentary isn’t all about Bigfoot, however. The series also follows the journalist into a lawless land called the Emerald Triangle where people commonly disappear. Along the way, topics like marijuana, capitalism, and racism are all a part of the narrative.

Whether the creature is real or not, it’s certainly not leaving popular culture anytime soon.