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WATCH: Owl Derails Press Conference After Pooping on Sign Language Interpreter

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by: David Fleetham/VW PICS/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Owls are really interesting creatures. Folks from all over have always marveled at all the odd and interesting things about them. However, sometimes they do things folks might not like all that much. Indeed, an owl derailed a press conference this week after pooping on a sign language interpreter.

It came in the land down under, where an interpreter during a press conference in Queensland was pelted mid-press conference by what appeared to be, in fact, poop. It came from the trees ahead, and viewers watching at home could not see the bird who did the deed.

However, what they did see was how the man reacted to what happened in real-time. The man’s name is Mike Webb. He was standing next to Deputy Premier Steven Miles when it all happened. The actual press conference was about flooding in the area, and as Webb was translating for Miles for the viewers watching at home, he was pelted by an Owl. It was confirmed by Annastacia Palaszczuk what kind of bird had hit Webb during the press conference. Although, she did not specify which kind of bird it actually was.

Unknown Owl Facts

Owls are interesting creatures for a multitude of reasons. For instance, their ears are not always asymmetrical. This is a common aspect to most animals and humans, but this is not always the case for owls. In fact, it’s actually an advantage oftentimes for owls because it makes them hear even better when they begin to hunt at night.

When you think of a group of animals, you tend to think of wolves or bears or dear and instantly remember what they are called in a group setting. With owls, though, because they are independent creatures, it might be easy to overlook what they’re actually called when they’re in a group. Funny enough, the name actually comes from legendary author C.S. Lewis. Indeed, when owls find themselves in a group, they are called a parliament, a name that came from Lewis’s “The Chronicles of Narnia” series.

It’s not just their ears that are exemplary for owls. Indeed, certain types of owls do not need to even be well equipped in the hearing department. This is because some owls, like the Northern Hawk Owl, can see its prey that is over half a mile away. Every owl is different, and the Northern Hawk Owl has a sight that makes it stand out from the pack. Each owl has its own unique qualities, and that’s part of what makes them so interesting to so many folks.