WATCH: Pair of Geese Break Up a Heated Fight Between Two Roosters

by Megan Molseed

It’s no doubt that any type of fowl can end up in a “foul” mood, with some birds even getting downright aggressive. And, it’s no doubt that geese are a notoriously grumpy group. Really, anyone who has been on the receiving end of a goose attack knows these birds can be relentless. But sometimes geese choose to abandon the “attacker” role and instead step in to play peacekeeper…as evidenced by one Twitter video.

During the 21-second video featured in the recent tweet, two roosters have certainly gotten their feathers ruffled…in a very big way it seems. Some hot tempers are flying in the chicken coop as the two red roosters relentlessly jump one at another; pecking and knocking each other down repeatedly before other birds can step in and slow the blows. But, thankfully, there were two geese with safety in mind on the premises who were quick to respond shortly after the fight breaks out.

Some Brave Geese Brave Some Rooster Pecks, Breaking Up A Fowl Fight

As the video continues, the goose moves one of the roosters as the two continue fighting towards a shelter at the other end of the coop. The smaller goose follows behind, making sure this rooster isn’t going to be doubling back. The two geese’s determined teamwork is just what the doctor – or the vet – ordered, as the birds can usher the one rooster away from its adversary. Effectively breaking up the issue that created the ruffled feathers in the first place!

One goose even steps in the middle of the fray. This goose is determined to separate the two as the fight continues. The peace-keeping fowl stays laser-focused on one rooster while holding the other angry bird off with its wing. This goose, the larger of the two in the video, is going full bodyguard, it seems. Consequently, this peacekeeper is determined to break the fight up. Separating the two angry roosters by extending its massive wings, creating a barrier for the fighting fowl.

These Feathered Visitors Get Quite the Workout In A Much More Adorable Game Of Chase!

While things are heated between these two roosters and geese, it seems like a great moment to take us back to one recent adorable moment. The time when the baby elephant, little Wan Mai decided to give some feathered friends a bit of a chase as she and her mother, Mae Mai hand out at their Thailand home in Elephant Nature Park.

“Baby Wan Mai having so much fun chasing the birds,” notes the September 7 Twitter post last year.

And, it is just as adorable as anyone would guess, too. The video shows baby Wan Mai splashing through puddles teasing some flying friends. And the squeaks Wan Mai makes…the adorable doesn’t get any better.

“Baby Wan Mai having so much fun chasing the birds,” the Twitter message continues. “What’s a joyful moment watching baby elephant playing and making lovely squeak.”