WATCH: Penguin Narrowly Escapes Killer Whale by Jumping Onto Boat

by Matthew Memrick

It was no cat and mouse game, but a penguin and killer whale one with the penguin’s safe escape with tourists that grabbed eyeballs recently.

Youtuber Expert Vagabond caught a group of tourists watching as a lucky penguin avoided a pod of orcas in the Gerlache Strait of Antarctica during a 2019 trip. The whole thing played out in less than five minutes.

Online magazine Travel & Leisure reported on the details of the fantastic moment. 

Chilly Willy Is A Fast One, But Penguin Escapes Whales

So, a bunch of people freezing their butts off caught this magical moment. They were iceberg sight-seeing when they saw a bunch of killer whales. Moments later, they see a lone gentoo penguin leaping through the water away from those mean, ol’ whales.

The tourists could only sit in their Zodiac rafts and watch as nature would soon take its course. Or so they thought.

The determined penguin was an Olympic-level swimmer. At one point, he nears a raft and jumps desperately toward it. The attempt fails, and he bounces back into the drink. But he still manages to stay out of a whale’s mouth, doubling back toward the raft for a second fearless attempt.

Moments later, the penguin tries again with a failed bounce before safely making it in. The third time’s the charm.

If you look closely, one tourist even helps out with an assist.

“Now the orca’s going to jump in,” a tourist can be heard joking in the video. The tourists laugh and cheer in amazement at what they just saw.

The whales give chase for a little bit before giving up and swimming away.

The final 40 seconds of the video show the little guy as he hitches a ride. Tired and a little shaken, he looks on as one tourist jokes, “saved by the boat.”

After a short time, the penguin hops up on the side of the raft and leaps back into the chilly waters.

Man Escapes Hungry Elephant

A sleeping Kenyan farmer recently dodged a hungry pachyderm who stormed and destroyed a granary that he was in.  

The Star reported that a 55-year-old man was sleeping when the elephant raided the granary.

Joseph Kipyekomen said he was “thankful to God to be alive.” There was no video of the incident like the penguin one.

The elephant smashed one of his temporary stores containing maize bags before knocking down the next wooden granary he slept in.

“Luckily, I suddenly found myself lying on the bare ground. Then I hurriedly squatted and narrowly slipped off between the elephant’s feet and ran away to the bush,” Kipyekomen told the newspaper.

The farmer escaped without physical injuries but is recovering from some PSTD.