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Watch: Police Officer Helps Angry Snapping Turtle Cross Busy Road

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: MyLoupe / Contributor/ Getty Images)

A brave Fort Collins police officer was caught on video trying to save a large snapping turtle from a busy road, but the turtle didn’t want any part of it. The officer almost got a bite to the hand in response. 

The 15-second clip has playful music in the background in response to the officer’s pure fear of moving the angry animal. One onlooker cheers on the officer, saying, “you got this”, as the officer picks up the snapping turtle. It quickly moves its head as if it might strike, while the officer lets out a terrified yell. 

Numerous people in the background laugh hysterically at the situation. One even comments that “he is not happy. He is not happy” in reference to the snapping turtle. 

The unseen man adds that “he looks like he is singing.” 

Instagram Comments About the Turtle Rescue

Fox News put the post up this morning on their Instragam account, which has 5.4 million followers. The video has already seen over 38,000 likes and 1,200 comments. 

A few of the commenters say that the officer was rightfully afraid of the large reptile. 

One replied to the post, saying, “I’ve seen snappers break 2″ sticks! GREAT JOB OFFICER.” The same user goes on to add in another comment, “The officer did it exactly as any country boy or girl would do.”

Other commenters gave advice when handing snapping turtles.

“Always pick up a snapper by the rear ⅓ of their shell. Their necks can’t reach beyond that.”

“I’ve moved snapping turtles from roads near where I live. And they were none too pleased, either. I’ve always heard you move them (turtles) to the side of the road where they were headed.”

Snapping turtles might have a strong bite, but they only have around 209 newtons of force when actually measured out. On the other hand, a human can apply nearly 1300 newtons on their molars. Maybe they are all snap and no bite after all.

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