WATCH: Raccoon Narrowly Escapes Alligator Attack as Florida Man Watches

by Lauren Boisvert

Raccoons are known as precocious little critters who like to get themselves into trouble. Alligators can sometimes cause trouble of their own, but are usually pretty chill if you don’t bother them. When alligators and raccoons mix, though, better watch out.

In a video out of the Florida swamp, two little raccoons almost get themselves eaten by what looks to be an adolescent alligator. The two raccoons are walking along a fallen log, minding their own business. Then, a smallish gator pokes its head out of the water.

One raccoon gets away quickly by swimming behind the other; but the first raccoon is almost that gator’s lunch. It jumps out of the way before getting eaten, as a man shouts to the raccoons to warn them of the gator. In the video, multiple people gasp as the gator lunges out of the water.

Recent Alligator News

The alligator world recently lost an icon; earlier in the week, Okefenokee Joe, the 400 pound 11 foot alligator living in the Okefenokee swamp of South Georgia, died of old age. Reportedly, he lived to be nearly 80 years old, living in the swamps since WWII. Georgia’s Coastal Ecology Lab was studying Joe as part of a tag program since 2020. They expressed their gratitude at knowing this magnificent creature during his life.

Also this week, officials in Tammany Parish, Louisiana found the remains of 71-year-old Timothy Satterlee inside of a giant alligator. A 2-foot 504-pound alligator attacked Satterlee during Hurricane Ida while checking the flooding in his shed. Satterlee’s wife, Sandy, reported seeing the gator rip off her husband’s arm and then drown him in the flood waters on August 30. Three weeks later, the gator was found and killed.

Viral Gator Videos

In viral video news, a Louisiana resident spotted an alligator at the foot of his steps near a flooded pool. As the man walks down the stairs to check the devastation in his yard, he spots the big alligator just hanging out down there among the flood waters. The gator, who was barely visible in the murky water, made a move towards the man walking down his steps. Thankfully he noticed the reptile in time and avoided getting too close. Later, he commented that he opened his gate to give the gator a way out.

Frighteningly, an alligator went viral after it was seen taking down a drone in the Everglades. The drone hovers over the gator for a moment, before the gator reaches up and grabs it out of the air, chomping down furiously. The gator is then wreathed in smoke, spurring a woman on the video to shout, “Oh my God, he’s eating it.”

Commenters on the video were furious, citing that drones are not allowed in National or State Parks. The video’s creator claimed it was an accident and wasn’t inside a National or State Park; but whether or not it was outside a National Park, visitors should still be careful around gators and other wildlife in order to keep themselves and the animals safe.