WATCH: Race Turns into a Rodeo After Horse Goes Wild

by Courtney Blackann

Jockeys are not typically known for their rodeo skills. They’re usually polished racers with champion-bred horses. However, one Irish jockey had no choice in the matter when his young racehorse got spooked. While the rider got away unscathed, the footage captured is absolutely wild.

Before a racing event in the United Kingdom, 26-year-old Oisin Murphy got the ride of his life. His two-year-old horse, Oasis Gift, apparently got spooked. It’s unclear what triggered the young horse, but he became wild. The horse starts bucking and flailing, sending his rider into a nearby railing.

While Murphy does his best to hang on, he’s inevitably thrown from the saddle. Watch the scary moment below.

Luckily, Murphy was able to walk away from the incident. However, authorities said the champion racer received treatment following the moment. As you can see in the footage, Murphy hangs on for as long as he can, then crashes into the railing near the track. He’s seen crawling a few feet to get out of the horse’s way. Murphy then stands up and walks quickly out of the frame.

The situation could have been much, much worse. Thankfully, the rider will live to see another day. And his spirited horse will get another shot as well.

Race Horse Goes for Joy Ride

In another astonishing incident, a Kentucky racehorse also bucked off her rider when she got spooked before a race. The horse, Bold and Bossy, is a young female. At just two years old, she’s got a lot of spirit.

Her rider, Miguel Mena, planned to race her in Henderson, Kentucky. But Bold and Bossy had other plans. Before getting to the starting gate, she, too, got spooked by something.

The horse kicked and bucked, knocking Mena off his saddle. But the action didn’t stop there. The young mare took a turn towards the highway. Barreling down I-69, it took authorities 30 minutes to corral her back to safety.

While Mena was shaken, he was unharmed in the incident. However, Bold and Bossy was slightly injured in her joy ride down the highway. She lost two of her shoes and also experienced dehydration cramps during the incident.

“Thank God for all the people who jumped in to go find her, because she left town,” the horse’s owner and trainer Michael Ann Ewing said at the time.

After the mare took off, galloping at full speed, several trainers ran after her. Their efforts would prove unsuccessful, however. It was only after police intervention that officials were able to detain the animal and bring her back to the track.

The two combined incidents are not unheard of in the industry. But both jockeys turned out okay and the animals eventually calmed down in a situation that could have been much more tragic.