WATCH: Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Kicks Drone Off Course in Crazy Fly-Over Video

by Madison Miller

Bighorn sheep know how to kick it.

That meaning that the animals have a pretty mean backward kick. Rex Chapman, a former professional basketball player turned social media influencer, shared a video of a drone flying over a herd of bighorn sheep in an open field.

Bighorn Sheep Kicks Drone

The beginning of the video appears to just be normal drone footage of a herd running through a field.

However, suddenly the drone is kicked off-course. A bighorn sheep had epically leaped into the air with perfect timing to take down the drone.

Naturally, that concludes the video.

Commenters on Twitter were confused about just how natural the video is, however. The animals are classified as being from the Rocky Mountains. When you take a closer look at the video, not all the animals are bighorn sheep. In fact, the sheep are unexpectedly running wild with some zebras.

That makes it hard to believe the video is being filmed in the Rocky Mountains unless zebras have miraculously appeared there. The bighorn sheep could have originated from the mountains but certainly aren’t there anymore.

One commenter wrote, “Ah the wild Rockies zebra, a noble beast who swam all the way to the new world from the African continent —making the last few hundred miles by virtue of a long-forgotten tsunami—and then trekking north and west to join their big horn brothers!”

Others commented hoping that there would soon be a thread of animals epically taking down drones that are too close.

Some people suspect this may be some kind of animal reserve. It’s hard to say with certainty though.

According to CBS Denver, a relocation of bighorn sheep went wrong on March 5 in Colorado after mountain lions spooked the herd of sheep. In turn, the bighorn sheep ended up in the Garden of the Gods. The plan was to help rebuild a herd in Beaver Creek, Colorado, that had collapsed due to disease. Bighorn sheep can be very unpredictable when moving as a herd.

It’s another example of how unexpected nature can be.

Recent Drone Video Captured

While the bighorn sheep drone video got physically cut off early, another photographer captured sharks on their drone footage.

According to 10 Tampa Bay, Paul Dabill Photography shared an epic video of Blacktip sharks near Singer Island. it is currently mating season for these sharks. The video shows a huge mass of the grey and greyish brown sharks swarming the water.

Typically, these sharks are found in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Atlantic Ocean.