WATCH: Scout Gets Surprise of a Lifetime When Bison Sticks Entire Snout Into Vehicle

by Amy Myers

When a giant bison took the place of a small deer at a drive-thru zoo, a well-meaning Scout of America absolutely lost their mind.

TikToker and scout Dylan Mulvaney was visiting some wildlife in a feeding zoo with a loaf of bread in hand. Hoping to catch a few cute encounters with some gentle deer, the uniformed scout happily welcomed each visitor to their car.

At first, the scout seemed completely in their element, politely handing off whole pieces of bread to the deer that come to their window. But then they get a much larger customer that won’t take no for an answer.

Watch the comical (and musical) moment below.

@dylanmulvaney REPOSTING cause tiktok muted the original! Hype this back up so people find it 💖🙌🏻 #gay #animal #bison #foryou ♬ original sound – Dylan Mulvaney

Scout Surrenders Rest of Bread Loaf to Bovine

In the reflection from their camera, the scout notices the bison quickly approaching their car. Unsure how to handle the giant snout practically in their lap, Dylan quickly gave the bison the rest of their bounty, half-singing as they told the giant bovine, “Here, take my bread, take it.”

The alarmed scout flung the rest of the bread out the window, but the bison was still sticking out its purple tongue.

“I’m sorry, I have no more bread for you,” the scout trilled.

It didn’t take the other bovines very long to figure out that there was a new food source. Luckily for the scout, though, they managed to roll up the window before the rest of the herd could stick their noses in the vehicle, too.

While the bison clearly meant no harm to Dylan or their car, it still can be quite startling to find such a massive animal inches away from you. In the video, the animal seemed to tower over the top of the car, its snout hardly fitting through the window. For someone that was only expecting deer to come to their window, it’s no wonder Dylan had such a surprising (albeit hilarious) reaction.

TikTokers Don’t Think They Would Have Reacted Any Better to Giant Bison Outside Car Window

Likewise, many TikTok viewers believed they wouldn’t have reacted any differently if they found such a large and demanding animal outside their windows.

“When you just wanna feed a deer but then A FULL ON BUFFALO WANT SOME,” one person wrote in the comments, though citing the wrong species.

Another agreed, “I think that’s exactly how I would handle it.”

There were a few, though, that recognized just how calm the bison was, compared to how we’ve seen them in some Yellowstone touron videos.

“(Bison) be like ‘chill I’m not gonna do anything I just want bread,’” a third TikToker wrote.