WATCH: Seagull Flies Straight Into Shocked Teen’s Face On Carnival Ride in New Jersey

by Megan Molseed

We have always known carnival rides could be dangerous. That danger is part of the thrill, really.

But, who knew one of those dangers of such rides could include coming face to face with a large bird? Sure, the chances of that happening are quite slim. But, as a recent video shows us, while incidents of a bird flying into someone’s face while they are being hurled in the air on a carnival ride may be extremely rare, they are never impossible. This unsettling fact is one that two teen girls, Kiley Holman and Georgia Reed, learned first-hand recently as they braved a ride at a New Jersey carnival.

While enjoying a day out at the carnival in New Jersey earlier this month, Kiley Holman and her friend Georgia Reed decided to try out the Slingshot ride. The ride was starting just fine, as the video shows. Until a few seconds in, when a wayward seagull apparently decided to join the two teens on the ride.

A Close-Encounter on A Carnival Ride

“It just happened so quick,” the thirteen-year-old said of the moment the bird flew onto her while she shot up into the air on the Slingshot.

The video shows Holman looking absolutely stunned as the bird lands on her face and her neck. At this point, Holman is well into the Slingshot’s ride being flung into the air as the bird lands. Chances are, the young carnival-goer needed a few moments to process what was happening.

Eventually, Kiley gets a hold of the wayward rider. The shaken teen is able to gain her composure mid-ride and pull the bird off her face and neck. Kiley Holman then tosses the bird to the side. Sending the unusual feathered stowaway back into its original flight path.

“I waited until we spun over and then I quickly took it off me,” Kiley Holman recalled of the wild moment. “I didn’t know if it was gonna hurt me.”

Georgia Reed, who was on the unusual ride with Kiley Holman when the incident occurred, was unaware of what was happening as the incident unfolded. The two had decided to hop on the daring ride to celebrate Reed’s birthday. Of course, the young teens had no idea at the time, how memorable the ride would truly become.

Thankfully, both Kiley and the feathered passenger were just fine after the July 6 incident.

“The seagull just flew away and the only thing that happened to me was a little tiny cut,” Kiley smiled. “That was all.”