WATCH: Shark Bites Down on Boat Propeller, Refuses To Let Go

by Jonathan Howard

Sometimes, you don’t have to exaggerate your fishing story. Like these Aussies, who watched as a shark bites down on their boat propeller. It’s a tough situation to get into. One second, you’re hoping to set your hook in a fish lip. The next moment, you’re wishing you hadn’t hooked it quite so well.

When you put a line in the deep blue waters of the ocean, then you should expect something to bite back. That’s what these fishermen got into. They had it all on video from the moment the shark came up to the boat, to when it bit down on their prop.

What would you do in this situation, Outsiders? Check out the video below and see for yourself.

None of these folks knew what the heck to do with the shark firmly chomped down on the propeller. It was not the best thing to look in the water and see. They clearly tried to shake it from the prop by jostling it up and down. However, it just had to take its time and leave on its own. After a few moments, the predator, which one man exclaimed was 3 meters long, let go and moved on.

Deep-sea fishing can turn up monsters if you aren’t careful. This shark, as it bites down on the boat, is a great reminder of that fact. Remaining calm, not acting irrationally, and being kind to the animal will always help situations like this end up with happy endings, and not unfortunate ones.

When it comes to Australia, the sharks are a little…more bitey than usual Especially when it comes to these motors and propellers. This is far from the first story like this that has come out of the Down Under.

Shark Bites on Boat Motor, Terrifying Family

It was just last month when another shark story came out of Australia about one of these beastes biting a boat. Except this one wasn’t a group of fishermen on a big boat. This was a family trip, with a 7-meter-long boat. A good-sized vessel, until a 14-foot great white, comes swimming up looking for a snack.

“He tried to take a chunk out of the motor – we were mesmerized,” one of the Tuckfield family explained. The story made it to local news in Australia. It is a harrowing moment that the family won’t soon forget. Apparently, great white sharks have been making a few more appearances this year than they have been in the past.

So, if you find yourself in Australia, and looking for a good fishing trip, try to keep your eye out. Because there might be a great white lurking…waiting… But, now you know what to do if a shark bites down on your boat, so you don’t have to worry about that, do you, Outsiders?