WATCH: Shocking Footage Captured by Firefighter Shows Bear Dragging Deer Across Road at National Forest

by Jon D. B.

“I’ve seen bear crossing in that area before but never dragging a deer.” Watch as this PA black bear “brings home dinner” across a Allegheny National Forest thoroughfare.

“I live closer to Pittsburgh and only get up that way a few times a year to visit my wife’s family,” Howie Ament tells Fox News. “In 19 years have only seen about 5 bears.”

Ament, a fire rescue worker, speaks to the outlet on account of his viral video. It’s a remarkable capture, one that shows an American black bear dragging a large white-tailed deer doe across the street.

At first – “It wasn’t a big deal seeing the bear,” Ament tells Fox. “But when it grabbed the deer it was a little surprising. That’s why I hurried to get the video.”

Ament and his wife captured the wildlife wonder while driving through their state’s Allegheny National Forest. The Pennsylvania park is home to quite a few black bears – but few can say they’ve seen what the Aments witnessed – then managed to catch on video:

“The things you see in the Allegheny National Forest between Sheffield and Kane!” Howie captions his original Facebook post. From it, his footage would go viral – with the incredible sight attracting tens of thousands of shares.

As the couple casually discusses the black bear, it quickly takes hold of the deer with its maw. Then, to avoid their oncoming vehicle, the bear quickly drags the doe’s carcass across the thoroughfare. With this, they both disappear back into the national forest – as if nothing ever happened. Ah, nature.

“I’ve seen bear crossing in that area before but never dragging a deer,” Ament clarifies in his interview for Fox News.

Black Bear Encounters on the Rise in 2021, With Some Proving Fatal

Black bears are incredible beings, this we Outsiders know well. In fact, they are this author and wildlife technician’s favorite animal! But with this love and admiration comes a very healthy respect. All bears are large, powerful, and can be voracious predators.

Which is why today brings both the lightest and darkest of black bear news. Earlier today (August 4), news broke that an Alberta helicopter engineer was mauled to death by a black bear.

The 26-year-old woman’s family wish for her to remain anonymous. Tragically, she was attacked in the Canadian province’s north-west region. There, she was planting trees after a logging operation in the remote wilderness – only to meet her end at the hands of a freak black bear attack.

Witnesses present for the July 31 attack would identify the assailant as an adult black bear. Within, several would come to the woman’s rescue. They helped to scare off the assailant, then called for help, but they were too late.

“She was evacuated by her co-worker on a helicopter and brought back to the Swan Hills airport where they met up with an ambulance, emergency crews, and she was subsequently declared deceased at the airport,” Cpl. Troy Savinkoff, RCMP spokesperson, tells the Canadian Press Wednesday.

The anonymous woman is only the fifth victim of a fatal black bear mauling in Alberta since 1958.