WATCH: Shocking Video Shows Python Striking and Biting Zookeeper’s Face

by Madison Miller

It was just another day for Zookeeper Jay Brewer, despite getting bit straight in the face by a massive yellow python.

However, for social media users, it was quite the scary sight to see.

Zookeeper Bit by Python

Brewer shared a video of the moment when the python lunged for his face on Instagram. He captioned it, “She GOT ME … I take a risk so I can get the babies in the incubator where it’s safe… in this case I had to take one for the team.”

In many ways, he had it coming. Brewer was collecting the python’s eggs which she was protecting. He was trying to get them in an incubator where they would be the safest.

“She’s like ‘hey I finally laid some eggs and you’re going to take them from me?’ Yes because we want them to hatch because they won’t hatch otherwise,” Brewer reasons in the striking video.

The snake drew blood during its attack. However, it didn’t seem to phase Brewer at all who was still smiling all along. As one commenter notes, the python “Caught u with a cheap shot” as he was preoccupied.

Jay Brewer is quite the outdoor aficionado. His Instagram account is called “jayprehistoric pets.” He constantly posts videos alongside some of the coolest reptiles — anything from snakes like the python shown to alligators to chameleons to lizards. Along the way, he’s been teaching people some really valuable information related to these creatures.

Brewer works at The Reptile Zoo in Fountain Valley, California. The concept for the zoo came from Brewer who wanted to create a zoo-like atmosphere with the motto, “build it and they will come” in mind. Basically, the “Field of Dreams” for reptiles. The Reptile Zoo has some of the largest and most exotic reptiles many traditional zoos do not.

“These animals each have their own story; some are rescues, many were born at The Reptile Zoo, and others were part of private collections. Here guests can learn about these rare animals first-hand with interactive displays and presentations,” the official site says.

Young Girl Bit by Snake

Meanwhile, a young girl in Valdosta, Georgia, was bit by an extremely venomous snake and is now fighting for her life in the hospital.

A five-year-old was bit and then received 41 anti-venom doses at the UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital in Gainesville.

According to ABC 27 WTXL, the mother, Cyndi Spell, is sharing that she doesn’t know if her health insurance plan will cover all of these doses. Each shot costs about $3,000.

“The Dr’s will continue to monitor her leg through the evening, hoping the swelling stays down with just the maintenance dose. She was able to eat today at the end of the day, not much, but it was a start,” the mother wrote in a Facebook post.