WATCH: Stunning Video Shows the Moment Large Tree Is Uprooted by Hurricane Ida Winds

by Anna Dunn

Hurricane Ida is currently raging across Louisiana as a category 4 storm. A recent clip posted by onlookers shows the powerful winds take down a massive tree. In the video, the tree, which is swaying in the winds, is taken down as onlookers yell.

Ida made landfall earlier today and continues to wreak havoc on Louisiana as it heads northward. Some passersby during the hurricane have watched in absolute awe. Others have even taken to cartwheeling behind reporters who are struggling to stand.

However, that doesn’t mean this storm isn’t viciously dangerous. With an incomprehensible storm surge and winds that are knocking roofs off hospitals, Hurricane Ida is an absolute force.

The National Hurricane Center Released a Major Storm Warning

Earlier today, the National Hurricane Center put out a terrifying storm surge graphic. Therefore, it shows the potential devastation Hurricane Ida could cause to the low-lying land along the gulf coast.

“Life-threatening storm surge inundation is expected today along portions of the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, and could reach 9 feet or greater above ground level somewhere within the area from Burns Point, Louisiana, to Ocean Springs, Mississippi,” the Hurricane Center reported.

However, it looks like the storm surge has already done some serious damage. And considering Ida is still a category 4, there’s likely more to come. Additionally, Saturday, state and federal authorities worked together to get evacuation orders and emergency declarations in place.

The National Hurricane Center has also stated that rainfall could reach as high as 20 inches in some places in southeastern Louisiana.

“Preparation to protect life and property should be rushed in the warning area along the northern Gulf coast,” the center said in a statement. Ida has a tie for the strongest landfall on record in the state of Louisiana with hurricane Laura of last year and a devastating 1856 hurricane.

Hurricane Ida has Already Caused Tons Of Destruction

Hurricane Ida may still be raging, but footage released from some areas shows just how powerful this storm is. In fact, one video shows its devastating effects, with cars flipped, houses in pieces, and debris all over the place.

“Lots of homes gone and just laying around… power lines, cars flipped, trailers, trees everywhere…” the person who tweeted out the video wrote.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration is already planning a serious relief effort for the battered region. For now, however, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has urged residents who didn’t make it out or evacuate to stay sheltered in place.

“Hurricane #Ida has only just made landfall. For most of the state, current weather conditions are only the very beginning of what’s to come. Now is not the time to be outside. Stay sheltered in place. Be safe, be smart, remain indoors,” he wrote in a Tweet.

After causing destruction in the south, Ida is expected to weaken and continue north over the course of the week.