WATCH: Surfers Chased by Gigantic Shark off Puerto Rico Coast

by Jon D. B.

JAWS Incarnate: Watch as two surfers are absolutely dwarfed by the emerging body of a great white shark, escaping just in time.

If these two surfers are taking a break off the coast of Puerto Rico right now, don’t blame them. Blame the absolutely enormous shark that just crashed their latest wave session.

As pinpointed by The Hill, the surfers were enjoying moderate waves off Middles Beach, Isabela. Not long into their riding, however, a massive apex predator showed a dorsal fin the size of their boards. With a swash from its massive tail, the shark sent the surfers paddling full speed for the shore.

As they did, beach-going friend Jorge Benitez managed to capture the encounter from his cellphone. The resulting footage is harrowing, and thankfully one where everyone makes it out uninjured.

“This is the first shark I see,” Benitez offers. “Although it’s known they are around the areas, but apparently they have enough food so we barely have incidents if any.”

Sounds like Puerto Rico surfers can be thankful for an abundance of fish in their oceans, to be sure.

While the exact identity of the shark is unknown (think species, not his name, though he seems quite the Bob), the sheer size of the shark and the location point to a great white shark, a’la JAWS.

Great White Sharks Make for Mighty, Life-Changing Encounters

Great whites are not as common around Puerto Rico as they once were, but they still swim the ocean surrounding. In places like Australia, however, they’re mighty abundant. So add them to the list of things looking to kill you on the daily in the Down Under.

Here in the U.S., we do still contend with these beasts off our waters. They make appearances off both the West and East Coasts, and these goliath predators still visit Hawaiian waters as part of their annual migrations, too. One such instance is causing quite the stir this December, too.

Thankfully, that encounter is one where the human gets away un-eaten, too. Hawaii-based freediver Deron Verbeck had his own great white encounter off the coast of the Island State, and it is taking the internet by storm.

In his case, the award-winning photographer is able to capture stunning footage of himself staring a great white shark in the face without so much as a flinch. He stands (or swims) his ground, captures his shots and video, then surfaces for a surreal “holy sh*t” moment.

Verbeck was photographing fish off Kona when a 15-foot great white shark came swimming directly for him. Much to his surprise, the sea giant’s approach was a gentle one. This is one encounter worth watching with the audio on, too, as Deron’s reaction is priceless. Check it out on Outsider here. After it’s all over, you’ll be sighing with him.