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Watch: Swan Rescued from Storm Drain with Help from 5-year-old Girl

by Outsider
(Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

A 5-year-old girl is being celebrated on Long Island after helping police rescue a swan trapped inside a storm drain.

Olivia Cammarata was taking a walk with her grandmother near her home in Merrick on Wednesday morning. It was then when she “heard a strange noise” coming from under the street, according to WABC.

Olivia and her grandmother followed the unusual sound to a nearby storm drain. That’s where they found the bird trapped inside and unable to break free.

The two then texted Olivia’s father to inform him of the discovery. Shortly afterwords, he arrived at the scene and proceeded to call Nassau County Police and local animal authorities.

Those who were first on the scene teamed together to free the bird. Police officers lifted the drain cover while two wildlife rehabilitators used to a large net to scoop the swan out of the drain.

This swan has one true hero: 5-year-old Olivia

Officials stated that had it not been for Olivia finding the bird, it might not have survived the incident.

“This swan was definitely in distress. There was no way for that swan to get out on its own,” Wildlife Rehabilitator Karenlynn Stracher told WABC.

It’s unclear how the swan wound up in the drain, however it appeared unharmed. The bird was then placed “under evaluation” later that day, police said.

Nassau County Police Department officers also mentioned the successful rescue provides as a reminder of why it’s important to speak up.

“To kids: if you see something unusual — an animal in distress, anything — tell your parents, let an adult know,” NCPD officer Lashaun Carr said. “And that way you can call us and we can handle the situation.”

“It’s just amazing with everything that’s going on right now. And the stress that all the children and the parents are under that this little girl and a swan can just bring a smile to everybody’s face for a little while. It’s a good feeling,” said Officer David Tait.

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