WATCH: Swimmer Has Terrifying Encounter With Charging Hammerhead Shark in Florida

by Megan Molseed

Some Florida beachgoers were in for a frightening encounter recently. A shocking Tik Tok video shows a hammerhead shark circling swimmers in the water at Panama Beach. The video is a birds-eye view of the water and clearly shows the shark down below as it gets closer and closer to the swimmers near the shore. In the video, the people who are recording the footage can be heard talking about the shark as it approached. The swimmers, however, were completely unaware of the potential danger that was fast approaching.

The frightening video was posted online Sunday by TikToker Connor Seitz, known as cseitz2281. Not long after posting, the video went viral.

The terrifying footage begins with a wide shot of the breathtaking coastline along Northwest Florida’s Panama Beach. However, it doesn’t take long for the video to focus on some swimmers in the water. And the shark-shaped shadow that is quickly approaching.

Swimmers Unaware As Hammerhead Approaches

Viewers can see the shark as it gets closer and closer to the swimmers. It isn’t long before it appears to be within touching distance.

While we can’t see much more than a shadow of the shark in the water, one of the people recording the video identify the shark as a hammerhead.

“If she looked down right now she would be…” one onlooker can be heard saying on the video. The sentence trails off, however, as the incident becomes more and more frightening.

At one point the shark can be seen circling the swimmers, even appearing to charge directly at them. Not long after this, the Hammerhead seems to back off a bit. While the shark swims away from the swimmers, we think it’s ready to retreat back into the ocean. However, in another horrifying moment, the shark appears to double back. It almost appears as if the hammerhead has set its sights on these swimmers and is beginning to circle.


Blow this up so those two girls can see this video. Was filmed yesterday in PCB do your thing tik tok

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Hammerhead shark attacks on humans are extremely rare. According to, Hammerhead attacks are so rare that only three of the nine species have been known to attack humans. In fact, trained divers have been known to swim openly around the Hammerhead shark. Hammerheads tend to feed in shallow water, so chances are the shark was simply scouting the ocean floor for a fishy snack. Of course, that doesn’t make the shocking footage any less terrifying.