WATCH: Tennessee Bear Cub Tries to Hop in the Backseat, Onlookers Absolutely Lose Their Minds

by Amy Myers

Lately, we’ve seen plenty of bears breaking into cars and homes, either busting through the windows or managing to get a claw around the door handle. But a couple of campers were shocked to see such a young cub so meticulously and easily open a car door.

While staying at a cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, a couple of friends noticed a black bear cub sniffing around their car in the nearby lot. From the window of their room, they watched as the youngling quickly found the handle to the backseat door and popped it open.

Immediately, the girls began screaming and knocking on the window to scare the bear away. But the cub seemed totally calm, giving a casual look over its shoulder to see what in the world was making that ruckus.

Take a look.

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But that’s not where the story ends.

The saga continues as the bear realizes either there’s nothing in the car worth rummaging for or that it’s not a safe area. Oddly enough, though, on its way out, it stops at a neighboring vehicle and gives it a sniff before noticing another cabin guest on the deck, likely warding the curious cub away.

After that, the bear wanders away, hopefully back into the woods to safety.

Following the encounter, the girls checked out the damage to their car. Thankfully, there wasn’t much. Just a few scratches around the door handle, some dirt on the upholstery and a single small cut in the leather. Beyond that, everything was in shape, and most importantly, the bear didn’t find any food during its explorations.

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Car Owners Say They Were in the Midst of Moving Belongings When Black Bear Cub Opened Car Door

As Tennessee natives know, you always need to lock your vehicle, even if you’re coming right back. Of course, this is precisely the lesson that these two lodgers learned after leaving the car unlocked for mere moments while moving their belongings to or from the vehicle.

“To answer some of y’all’s questions, we were in the process of moving stuff out the car,” one of the girls shared, “but when we saw the bear coming we thought we had locked it.”

Add a bit of panic and shock to the mix and pressing the lock or panic buttons may have been out of their reach.

Regardless, it made for a pretty comical series of TikTok clips, and viewers wasted no time filling in with commentary.

“’Why y’all screaming, I ordered a Lyft,’” one watcher narrated.

“This ain’t my Uber? My bad,” another like-minded TikToker added.

Others believed the bear was just ready to go for a ride.

“That bear was tryna check out the inside leg room,” a third viewer joked.

“The bear said he’ll wait inside the car since y’all ain’t ready yet,” another shared.

Ultimately, the story has a happy ending because neither the lodgers nor the bear suffered any injuries from the encounter. As for the car, well, it’ll serve as a reminder of an exciting trip.