WATCH: Texas Cat Fights Off Coyote, Climbs Up Porch Column to Get Away

by Jonathan Howard

Texas does everything bigger, and badder. Even the Texas cats are able to take on a coyote and get away with all nine lives intact. That was the case with one cat outdoors that was filmed on security cameras at a home in Surfside Beach. Tony Gray, the owner of the home, shared the video for all to see.

Coyotes will try to go after anything they think will make an easy target and a god snack. So, outdoor house cats are always on the menu, unfortunately. The wiley coyote … pardon me … almost got the best of this frightful feline. Using a lawn chair and the railings of the porch, and the razor-sharp claws on all four feet, the cat was able to escape.

Gray was able to post the video on his Facebook earlier in the week on Thursday. However, the owner of the cat, if any, has not come forward at this time.

Check out the video below and see the daring escape.

In the video, you see the cat and the coyote sprint up on the porch. The cat starts to swipe at the face of the dog, surely aiming for those dark eyes on the wild canine. A chair on the porch provided cover for the cat to dodge and maneuver around the predator.

Multiple times, the cat tries to go on the offensive and at least scare the coyote enough to send it home packing. However, it was clear that the coyote was not going to give up on this one very easily. He kept coming at the cat, and things turned for the worst.

While the predator was able to bite the cat twice, the pole on the porch was its saving grace. Maybe one of those nine lives got used up in the process.

Coyote Finds Itself a Honey Hole … in Someone’s House

Coyotes are such strange animals. They are the descendants of the dogs that refused to come near the campfires of early humans. However, in the present day, they sometimes venture right into the heart of human civilization. Just the other day in Los Angeles a coyote found itself a dog door in the Woodland Hills neighborhood. From there, it found itself inside.

Venturing into the home for about three minutes, the coyote avoided any serious harm to itself or other animals in the home. The dogs that were there didn’t realize what had happened, and thankfully nothing more came of it. Coyotes can be a real danger to home pets and backyard livestock like chickens.

If you are in an area where coyotes are prevalent, which includes a lot of the United States, then you should keep your dog doors closed and locked if possible. The last thing you want is a wild dog playing with your toy poodle or worse.