WATCH: This Footage of Bolivian Salt Flats During the Rainy Season Is Absolutely Mind-Blowing

by Courtney Blackann

Sometimes the mysteries of nature are seemingly magical. From the Northern Lights to gorgeous meteor showers, there always appears to be something mythical about our world. This case is beautifully demonstrated by the Bolivian salt flats. During this time of year, heavy rains fill the 11,000 square kilometers of white salt. The result is magical.

Captured on film by National Geographic, the salt flats turn into a beautiful oasis of complete reflection of the skyline. Its glass-like surface turns into a mirror, reflecting a sight that is absolutely mind-blowing.

“During the rainy season, the salt flats become one of the most magical cosmic mirrors on earth,” the company captioned the footage.

According to AFAR, “Salar de Uyuni, located in the Daniel Campos province of Bolivia, looks like it belongs on another planet. Stretching for more than 4,050 square miles—a little smaller than the state of Connecticut—it is the world’s largest salt flat. It formed when several prehistoric lakes dried up 25,000 to 10,000 years ago, leaving behind hexagonal patterns of salt on the otherwise featureless surface.”

The website goes on to describe the phenomena of the flats as the rains fall during the winter months.

“When nearby lakes overflow or the area gets rain, a thin layer of water covers the expanse, transforming it into a massive reflective mirror that makes for jaw-dropping, dreamlike photos. The natural wonder has served as a valuable source of salt and lithium for Bolivia, and it has long been a hot spot for tourism in South America. There’s even a hotel built out of salt bricks: the Palacio de Sal.”

In the footage posted by National Geographic, serene scenes of Bolivia’s landscape are pristinely visible. But the real magic happens at night. That’s because the land turns into a myriad of stars and sky – giving the viewer a nearly 360-degree view of the sparkly setting.

The coverage of the salt flats is a part of the “Welcome to Earth” series, which streams on Disney+.

Further, the spot is one of the most popular destination spots for tourists.

“Tour operators in the region offer shared or private tours. Shared tours are more affordable, but they don’t offer much flexibility when it comes to your schedule. Also, most shared tours are led by Spanish-speaking guides, while private tours can offer English-speaking ones,” according to AFAR.

The site also includes other attractions tourists may want to visit, citing that:

“Many tours of the salt flats also go to other attractions in the area, such as the Polques hot springs, the Atacama Desert, and high-altitude lakes like Laguna Colorada. Look into tours originating in San Pedro de Atacama and Tupiza for itineraries that include these destinations.”