Watch: TikTok User Captures Video of Nightmarish Swarm of Sharks Dangerously Close to Shore

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Jakob Owens / Unsplash)

A Tik Tok User recorded haunting footage of dozens of sharks swimming shockingly close to the shore. The user, Michaela Hallmark, captured the harrowing scene at the Gulf State Park Pier in Gulf Shores, AL.

While on the pier, Hallmark pans the camera across the surrounding ocean. The video shows a large number of sharks swimming at what appears to possibly be less than 100 yards from the shore.

She shared the video with the caption: “I filmed this last week on the Gulf Shores Pier where I work. Never seen so many sharks! #shark #beach #fyp #Jesus #foryoupage #share.”


I filmed this last week on the Gulf Shores Pier where I work. Never seen so many sharks! #shark #beach #fyp #Jesus #foryoupage #share

♬ Jaws Theme – Jaws

“There are a lot of sharks out today, as you can see,” Hallmark says. “I counted about 45 total so far and they’re just all in big groups.” In conclusion, Hallmark states, “So if you’re swimming the gulf shores area, you may want to be careful today.”

To add further suspense to the clip, Hallmark added the iconic theme song from Jaws. Since posting on Tik Tok, the video racked up more than 157k likes.

Furthermore, thousands of other users took to the comments to share their reactions. “Literally my worst nightmare,” one person said. “This is why I don’t go in the water,” another commented.

While many voiced their shock, other users mentioned that the scene was not uncommon in Gulf Shores. “I was there three weeks ago and we saw 10-12 every morning from the beach,” one person writes. “I live here and this is most days,” another user said.

According to Ritchie Russell, owner of Russell’s Coastal Fishing in Orange Beach, the area regularly sees a heavy population of sharks. In an interview with Alabama Living, Russell says, “In late spring and summer, we see so many blacktip and spinner sharks around the Gulf State Park Pier that people can hardly reel in a big fish without a shark biting it.”

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