WATCH: Time-lapse of Caldor Fire Shows Brutal Intensity of Smoke Over Lake Tahoe

by Jon D. B.

This startling time-lapse does an incredible, yet frightening job of illustrating the impact Caldor Fire is already having on Lake Tahoe.

“SMOKEY SKIES: A time-lapse shows smoke hanging over Lake Tahoe on Tuesday,” shares CBS News Tuesday. As the network states, “The Caldor Fire continues to grow near South Lake Tahoe, California, reaching 191,607 acres (nearly 300 square miles) as evacuation orders and warnings remain in effect.”

The focus here, however, is the horrific smoke now suffocating California’s beloved Lake Tahoe. CBS’s 41-second time-lapse shows the beautiful lake quickly transform from a waterside paradise to a hellish post-apocalyptic landscape. And it’s all due to the Caldor Fire, which continues to close in on the heavily-populated Tahoe Basin.

We recommend muting the video, though, as CBS has chosen to overlay some odd Blade Runner-esque tune with what is otherwise very startling footage to witness. See for yourself:

“Get used to this tragedy. This is Global Warming,” replies one follower.

To this end, California Fire Chief Chris Anthony says California is “seeing larger and more destructive fires burn throughout California on a much more frequent basis.

“Historically, we’ve used the terms such as anomaly, unprecedented, or extreme to describe the wildfires that we have seen burn throughout the state over the last 20 years,” Anthony adds. But “these terms are no longer appropriate given the clear trends with drought and changing climate,” he cites.

There is no upside to any of this, as CBS’s footage shows. The Southeast continues to struggle with Hurricane Ida’s fallout, but the American West has been battling historic wildfires all year. For years, in fact. And it is heartbreaking to watch, let alone suffer firsthand.

Caldor Fire Closes California National Forests Amidst ‘Historic Crisis’

Indeed, the horrific Caldor Fire is swelling, and California’s wildfire crisis is to the point where the state is now closing its national forests for public safety, as well.

“We do not take this decision lightly,” says California’s Regional Forester Jennifer Eberlien Tuesday. “But this is the best choice for public safety.”

Eberlien words are part of USFS Aug. 31 statement detailing the closure of “nearly all” California National Forests. As of Tuesday, August 31, they’re closed to the public.

“There is fire activity happening in California that we have never seen before,” emphasizes California Fire director Chief Thom Porter alongside. “The critical thing for the public to know is evacuate early… “For the rest of you in California: Every acre can and will burn someday in this state.”

Over the past week, the Caldor Fire alone has led to the evacuation of tens of thousands of CA residents. As of Tuesday, more than 50,000 have been told to evacuate the region.

Stay safe out there, fellow Outsiders. To learn more on how to help victims of the Caldor Fire, please click here.