WATCH: Tiny Dog Takes Charging Moose Head-On

by Anna Dunn

If you need any proof that dogs are absolutely fearless, take a look at this video of a tiny dog facing a charging moose head-on.

The video shows a man walking out to his car with his little dog, Reecey. But unbeknownst to him, a moose lingers across the street. The moose charges. And, well, here’s what happens next.

The Little Dog, Reecey, Took on the Charging Moose Like it Was Nothing

Reecey put himself in quite a line of fire, all to protect her pops. The video, shot in Fairbanks Alaska, is truly quite a sight. Moose are no joke, and the man could have been seriously hurt or worse had he not noticed right in time. And Reecey was having none of that.

“Went to check the mail and I did not realize a moose was staring me down from across the street. It began to charge me and my dog Reecey barked and let me know we were in danger! She lunged at the moose then circled back and we both high-tailed it inside!” the owner wrote when he initially posted the video.

Reecey got incredibly close to the moose, but luckily, it looks like both Reecey and her dad are completely fine. But it’s a close encounter that neither of them will soon forget.

One Hiker Recently Gave Insight about What it’s Like to Be Charged by a Moose

It’s hard to imagine just how massive these creatures are if you haven’t seen them up close. And being charged by a moose is absolutely no joke. A recent report from a hiker in the state of Idaho, which has a lush wilderness that hosts plenty of the not so gentle giants, recalls what its like to be charged.

The Hiker, Cord McCurdy, was on a trail outside of Pocatello, Idaho. Just like the man in the dog video, he didn’t know a moose was around until it was too late. Then, he heard twigs snapping, looked up, and saw it charge.

“I knew I had to get on the ground fast, so I jumped off the trail and just basically got into the fetal position, protected my head and everything and luckily I think that helped my head where I just sustained basically a pretty good cut. She continued a couple of more times and kind of stomped on my legs and that’s actually what kind of what hurt the worst,” he described to East Idaho News.

Luckily, attacks from Moose are still quite rare. They often charge when startled or when they feel threatened. Thankfully for everyone involved in these stories, no lasting damage has been done.