WATCH: Trail Cam Seemingly Captures Deer Completely Unbothered by 4th of July Fireworks

by Lauren Boisvert

If you know deer, you know the slightest sound will spook them and they’ll run off. Not this particular deer, though. A trail cam apparently caught a deer calm as you please in the presence of Fourth of July fireworks yesterday. Talk about nerves of steel.

In the video, the deer moseys along the trail, grooms itself, munches on grass, and even looks at the fireworks like it’s admiring their splendor. Meanwhile, I’m in my house jumping at every store-bought firework going off in my neighborhood. This deer is truly built different.

The Instagram account Barstool Outdoors posted the video, via Instagram user _kirk_lee, and captioned it, “Fireworks don’t bother him, but when you step on a leaf wrong he’ll jet.” People in the comments shared similar sentiments. One user wrote, “Afraid of a leaf cracking but also not afraid of semi truck plowing towards them.”

Another commented, “Nothing beats a white tail’s sense of environmental awareness.” True, this one’s survival instinct doesn’t seem to be kicking in at the moment. Maybe it knows the loud sounds are coming from the sky, and aren’t going to hurt it? Who dares to know what goes on in the head of a deer. All I know is, it looks like the deer enjoyed the fireworks; good for him.

Deer Turns the Tables on Hunter, Charging Full-Force Through the Bushes

Deer aren’t always exceptionally chill, though. On July 3, a hunter became the hunted when a big buck he was tracking burst out of the brush and leaped at him. The hunter posted the short clip of the incident on TikTok. “Very dangerous situation,” they captioned their video.

The clip looks like it was taken on a Go Pro, or some sort of camera attached to the hunter’s clothing. In the video, the hunter sets up the shot through the grass. Then, out of nowhere, a huge buck comes charging right at him, head down, antlers big and terrifying. There’s no time to react; the hunter goes down, knocked over by the buck. At the end, we can see the hunter starting to get up and leave the area, so it’s possible he wasn’t hurt too badly, and hopefully only got the wind knocked out of him.

Overall, a pretty scary situation to be in. Deer are fast, and their antlers are deadly. The incident could have been way worse, but we’re hopeful it wasn’t.

Hunter Comforts Deer Found Abandoned in Road

In a heartbreaking story, last year a hunter posted a video on TikTok of her comforting a wounded and shocked doe she found in the middle of the road, hit by a car. There was no obvious sign of blood on the deer, but there was some on the road. The hunter stayed with the deer, writing in the captions on the video that she “sat with her for an hour waiting for an answer on what to do.” Unfortunately, there was no update on the hunter’s TikTok page about what happened to the deer.

The situation reminded me of a sad poem by William E. Stafford. Check out the full story to read about the poem, how it connected me to the incident, and what to do if you ever hit a deer with your car.