WATCH: Trail Cam Footage Captures Grizzly Bear Chasing Down a Herd of Wild Horses

by Jonathan Howard

The grizzly bear is a terrifying apex predator, especially if you happen to be a herd of wild horses. A real National Geographic moment. The outdoors is scary. However, one of the best things about trail cams has nothing to do with hunting. It is just the fact that you can catch some usually unseen moments in nature right there on video or in pictures.

This isn’t the version of Spirit that I remember as a kid that’s for sure. Watch the video below as the grizzly bear chases the horses. I’m sure it was after the foal that is running alongside the other equine beasts.

These horses do not think this video is nearly as funny or interesting as the rest of us do, that I can tell you. They are clearly panicked and for good reason. A grizzly can run up to 35 MPH. While horses are going to have an advantage, it makes it just close enough to make it scary. Horses can hit slightly higher top speed, and their endurance is greater as well.

The video doesn’t show whether or not the ursine mammal continues the chase, but I’m sure they gave it the old college try. A good meal is hard to come by in the wild sometimes. However, I’m glad we have this footage for all of you Outsiders to see.

While it seems like the horses avoided disaster in this incident. That isn’t always the case. We love to see the cute animals run away from the claws and teeth of predators. But, sometimes, the grizzly bear wins. That’s the reality, especially for animals that live in Montana, like Glacier National Park.

Grizzly Bear Attacks Moose in Glacier National Park

Montana is home to some of the most beautiful land and wildlife in the entire United States and the world. Grizzly bears are a big part of that. Much like the footage of those horses, one bear in Glacier National Park was looking for a meal. A ton of folks saw this happen and even caught it on video.

In the footage, part of which is rather graphic, a bear comes up on a moose and her two calves. From there, the predator snatches a baby and begins to do what it does. Within seconds, the animal is dead and the bear has a new meal. However, the moose cow was not going to just let it happen. She started to run that bear off and it was scared of the big moose.

While it is awful that the moose calf died, it’s part of nature. Things like that happen every day even when the cameras aren’t rolling. So, it is what it is. One thing that is for sure, ti is just amazing seeing all of those things caught on video.