WATCH: This ‘Truck Boat’ Speeding Across Oklahoma Lake Is Every Country Boy’s Dream

by Jonathan Howard

Sometimes you see something that perplexes the mind. Like watching an old pickup truck boat glide across a lake in Oklahoma. Bethany, OK might just be home to one of the coolest boats ever. Judging by the video shot of the thing, someone put a lot of work and care into the machine. Watch the truck boat tear through the water of Lake Overholser.

Now, many of us know a friend or two that could either do this themselves or would just try to balance their old bronco on an old fishing boat and push it out to the water. The best part is that this thing sounds awesome. Not only does it look wild in the water, but it is clearly a well-taken care of vehicle. The real question is, does it somehow detach from the boat base? If this thing could be adapted to hit the streets after a day on the water, that would truly be insane.

There is nothing bout this truck boat that isn’t awesome. I’ve personally seen similar contraptions in person, but this is the cleanest looking one by far. In fact, there used to be a man in my town with a boat fixed to a monster truck frame. That vehicle was able to go into the water and come out, however, it looked a lot rougher than this beauty of a boat. Nothing that a country boy with a wrench and some time can’t do.

‘Truck Boats’ Coming to the Market?

While at home mechanics in the hills and hollers of the country have been adapting vehicles for multiuse purposes for years, car manufacturers are trying to catch up. That is the folks at Rivian anyway. It was at the end of last month when the startup released a video of their semi-submersible truck. It looked impressive fording deep water, leaving everyone involved nice and dry.

The R1T can be seen taking a quick dip. For those environmentally conscious, the truck is electric and features a 300-mile range on one charge. With a modern air suspension system, the truck is able to adapt its clearance range for almost an entire 7-inches. Depending on speed it allows the vehicle to go from 7.9-inch ground clearance all the way up to 14.5 inches. This truck packs the power as well. And, it wants to challenge Jeep.

With the R1T pickup truck drivers will be able to get from 0-60 in just three seconds. With a tow rating of 11,000 pounds, this is a real utility vehicle. It has practical use outside of driving through water. As for an all-terrain vehicle, Rivian hopes to compete with the big-name brands such as Jeep in the category. While that will be an uphill climb, if the truck performs well upon release, it could be a big hit with consumers. Truck boats, not just a backyard invention.