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WATCH: Truck Rolling Down Highway Has Windshield Struck by Massive Fish in Bizarre Video

by Evan Reier
UNITED STATES - NOVEMBER 17: Typical clean, shiny American Peterbilt truck for freight transport on trucking route Interstate 10, Louisiana, USA (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

Sometimes a drive down the highway can go awry. It can be due to blown tires, heavy traffic, or a massive fish hitting your windshield. We’ve all been there right?

Alright, most of us haven’t actually been there for the last one, but one truck driver in North Carolina certainly has. In a new video that was originally posted by trucking company Ward Transport and Logistics, a dashcam picks up a pretty wild occurrence.

According to 10 WIS News, the driver was heading down the highway near High Point, North Carolina when he got blindsided by, of all things, a fish.

Further, the article states that the incident occured on Interstate 73, and near Randleman Lake.

Watch Video of Massive Fish Hitting Windshield

On the afternoon of April 14, the video was uploaded by Ward Transport and Logistics. Watch below!

The tweet reads: “One of our #charlotte drivers verifies that when driving a truck, you must be prepared for ANYTHING! #drivers #trucking

The video starts innocuously enough, with the driver heading down the highway. But as he comes up on the water, it’s foreboding what comes next. Out of the top right corner of the screen, you see a bird flying overhead. But, with accuracy and timing that can’t be matched, a fish drops out of its talons and smacks the truck.

Firstly, we’re curious about how the insurance works on this. It doesn’t seem like any real damage, so probably unnecessary to file a claim, but we’d kill to get our hands on a document detailing it.

Beyond that, it’s worth mentioning this isn’t a one-man accident. This is technically a one-man, one-bird and one massive fish accident. While the fish is the one colliding with the truck, the bird is the one that tosses it at the car.

And what a toss it was. Seriously, the bird couldn’t have nailed the camera better than if it tried. However, we’re willing to bet it was less of a calculated throw and more a regretful drop of its lunch. There’s nothing worse than picking up a to-go order and dropping it when you walk out the door.