WATCH: Truck Sinks on Boat Ramp After Unlucky Accident on Live TV

by Jon D. B.

Well that escalated quickly! If this doesn’t sound terribly exciting, just wait until you see how fast the truck goes down during a live Illinois news report…

Ouch. Thankfully, the owner of the truck doesn’t go down with it. That would be an entirely different news report. But…man, what a way to lose a beautiful pickup! It’s no wonder this WCIS clip has gone viral.

Within, WCIS’s Jakob Emerson gives his report as he would for any day on the job. “There’s a lot of arguments on both sides here on whether or not to begin constructing Hunter Lake,” Emerson reports, a consummate pro. He continues on… and on… and on…until a commotion breaks out behind the camera.

Directly behind him, a white pickup truck that has just launched a boat into Lake Springfield is sliding fast into the water below. Emerson’s face is priceless as he realizes what’s happening. Then, he steps out of the way so the audience at home can see this unbelievable accident for themselves…

Like a Rock: Truck Sinks Into Springfield Lake

Of the shocking incident, Director Bill Lee of the Sangamon County Emergency Management Office says algae is to blame. The Spaulding Dam slip, where we watch the truck submerge, “poses a unique challenge,” he adds.

“Most of them have a very gradual decline, this one seems to drop off relatively quick,” Lee tells WCIS. “It’s always best to park at the top of the ramp and go down and walk the ramp to identify if that thick algae is there and makes it real slick.”

But hold onto your hats. While we Outsiders know how tricky it can be to launch any boat, I wasn’t expecting what Lee tells WCIS next.

“We’ve had probably a handful, maybe four or five of them that I can recall,” he says of recent submerges.

“You’re rolling the dice when you get down on that steep grade,” Lee continues. “No matter how big and bad your truck is, once you’re in that stuff it’s hard to get out of it.” Isn’t that the dam truth.

All jokes aside, we’re just thankful no one was hurt – or lost – during this truck’s demise. As Director Lee cites, slippery docks like Spaulding Dam slip can be “very dangerous.”

“If they’re occupied and the windows are up, that door can be very hard to open,” he adds. “If you’re not trained and school on how to get it open quickly, it’s very dangerous.”

In the end, everyone’s safe. Well, except for the truck owner’s pride.