WATCH: Two C-Class Motor Homes Square Off In a Quarter Mile Drag Race

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

If you’ve ever wondered how two C-Class motor homes might fair in a quarter-mile race, well your wish has just been granted. These two RVs took to the Gainesville Raceway during the National Hot Rod Association’s season-opening match, the Gator Nationals.

As a tip of the cap to the National Hot Rod Association’s new sponsorship with Camping World, two drivers in C-Class motor homes squared off against one another in a match race.

How do these home-and-travel trailers stack up against the professional race cars of the NHRA?

Well as NHRA announcer Alan Reinhart says, “These C-Class motor homes got a big block engine with electronic fuel injection, just like a pro-stock car.”

“They’re 300 inches long, just like a top fuel car.”

“They’re equipped with a 6 speed transmission just like a pro stock motorcycle.”

“And they’ve got 16 inch rear wheels exactly the same size as a funny car, more or less,” Reinhart chuckles.

The speed, well, let’s just say it doesn’t match up to any race car per se, but then again this race is just for fun. But if you were really wanting to win this race, might we suggest tucking in the mirrors, and lightening the load.

It’s Time to Race the Motor Homes

Trash talking took place before the race. One of the drivers, Chris Young says, “Camping and drag racing just go hand in hand just like apple pie and ice cream.” But being the elder statesman here, Young thinks he’s going to beat his fellow Youtuber and motor home driver Ian Baker.

Baker believes Young has another thing coming. “He thinks because he’s a little bit older, he’s got some experience on his side. He’s about to see what we do in small little towns. We race every day.”

Reinhart says the race is probably going to come down to reaction time since both motor homes are exactly the same. Although Baker jokes that he added a little nitro to his fuel.

So how what sort of time, and speed, did these motor homes do in a good old-fashioned drag race?

According to the NHRA website, “Baker got a holeshot but Young drove around him to win, 16.070 at 67.38 mph to 16.337 at 67.88 mph.”

At the end of the day, it was the two contestants that were paired up with Young and Baker that really won here. They each took home the C-Class motor home that was presented Saturday (March 13) for the race.