WATCH: Two Deer Running Full Speed Bounce Off Pennsylvania Diner Window

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Nicolaus Czarmecki/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images)

York County, Pennsylvania shoppers turned their heads as they heard the clickity-clack of a herd of hurrying deer sprinting past them. But instead of tumbling through the automatic shop doors, the deer continued past the curious onlookers and around a nearby diner where several decided to try out some calisthenics by bouncing off the diner window.

It’s no secret that deer have become an integral part of suburban and urban wildlife. Much like squirrels and some common birds, these hooved residents have adapted to the presence of people as construction of shopping centers and new neighborhoods have brought the two worlds closer together. So, for these folks, a stray deer or two wandering through the streets to get to the next patch of grass or woods isn’t all that spectacular. However, it’s not every day that we see an entire herd clomping through a parking lot like a wolf is close on its heels.

Watch what happens in the clip below:

In the video, four does scurry along the sidewalk in front of a Dick’s Sporting Goods at the Hanover Mall. It’s unclear what spooked them, but it’s possible that they had just completed a risky road crossing or evaded a predator.

The does continue past the stop sign, practically galloping towards the Starlight Diner where they made a sharp left. For some reason, two of the Pennsylvania deer in the herd decided to try breaking through the window. Thankfully, though, neither succeeded and the group continued sprinting out of sight.

Wisconsin Deer Follow Lead of Pennsylvania Herd, Crash into Pub

It’s becoming an increasingly common appearance to see a deer crash through the window of a shop or restaurant. For whatever reason, where their adrenaline is high, they seem to feel the need to cut through or seek refuge inside of a building.

Unfortunately, as we know, this causes an immense amount of chaos and destruction for both the animal and the shop owner. Many times, the deer leaves the premises with substantial wounds that may put its life in danger down the line. Meanwhile, the staff has to clean up the shattered glass, broken chairs, destroyed merchandise, and blood left behind.

Just take a look at these photos from a herd of deer that followed the lead of the Pennsylvania deer and slammed into the window of an Irish pub in Wisconsin.

While most of the herd hurried through the patio section of Dublin’s Pub, one decided to run straight through the glass, instead. Luckily, no one was sitting in that area, but there was quite a mess to clean.

“So…..earlier this afternoon we had an unexpected guest that decided to use our window as the entrance,” the restaurant told followers on Facebook.

Hopefully, they didn’t serve the animal during its visit.