WATCH: Two Dozen Goats Used as Weed Whackers in New York Park

by Madison Miller

Instead of resorting to potentially dangerous or harmful herbicides or getting expensive weed whackers and trimmers, there’s a more natural solution to some overgrown weeds.

Back before all that even existed, some good ol’ goats could do the trick. And they’d do it happily as ever because they’re the G.O.A.T when it comes to landscaping.

Organic landscapers will use goats because they are a natural alternative to herbicides. They also are able to eat natural forms of poison without getting sick or dying. They’ll munch through thorns, poison oak, and other not-so-pleasant plants and give the lawn an even trim.

Goats Landscaping in New York

According to Reuters, Manhattan’s Riverside Park had two dozen visitors recently. Goats came in for free work to clean up some overgrown brush and weeds as an alternative to chemicals. As a result, the city saved a lot on labor costs.

These farm animals were just let loose to do what is natural to them. Meanwhile, New Yorkers looked on in awe at what is called the “Running of the Goats.” As a result, there are fewer invasive species environmental experts now have to worry about.

“They chowed down on Japanese knotweed, they noshed on porcelain berry, they snacked on multiflora rose, they easily traversed the hard-to-reach terrain behind me and gulped down poison ivy without even giving it a second thought,” said Dan Garodnick, Riverside Park Conservancy president and CEO at the ceremonial day of deployment.

In addition to weed whacking, the goats are a natural neutralizer of sorts. They can work to neutralize seeds from invasive plants so that this time next year they are unable to grow at all. It’s a win-win for everyone. It’s good for the environment and it’s very healthy for these animals’ lifestyles.

Five of these animals are even getting an extended vacation. Five of the goats — Skittles, Ms. Bo Peep, Chalupa, Mallemar, and Buckles, to be exact — will linger in the park until August 24th. Then, onlookers can actually vote which goat gets that “Greatest Of All Time” title.

Both cute and functional. As for New Yorkers, and other cities around the world, goats get a good loving. Many people have gotten into what is called goat yoga. It’s exactly what it sounds like. People pay for a yoga class in which goats have also reserved a seat for some stretching and yoga poses.

‘Goatapalooza’ Event

As it turns out, New York isn’t the only place that uses goats as landscapers in public areas.

Goats were set loose on Wausau’s Barker-Stewart Island this past weekend. According to the Wisconsin Public Radio, people could come to watch for one evening. The goats were hired to clear invasive species just outside of the downtown area. It was all part of “Goatapalooza,” which also included goat yoga, scavenger hunts, and goat cheese sampling.

The island currently has 39 of these farm animals eating buckthorn, honeysuckle, and garlic mustard, all of which are invasive in Wisconsin.