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Watch: Two Fishermen Rescue Turtle From Jaws of Tiger Shark

by Madison Miller
Photo by Tanguy Sauvin on Unsplash

Two men fishing took the phrase “Save the Turtles” to a pretty personal level. The two men were fishing on a boat in the Bahamas. They then noticed a sea turtle being attacked by a fairly large tiger shark.

The tiger shark is seen right on the surface of the water gripping viciously onto the back of the turtle. The sea turtle continues to desperately swim along in hopes of being released by the hungry shark’s razor teeth.

Shark Versus Turtle

The two men posted the video on one of their TikTok accounts @kaiowenfishinginc. They post an assortment of clips during their deep-sea fishing adventures.

The two also post regular videos on their YouTube account about their experiences.

The one states in the video, “We’re out here and we just saw a tiger shark stompin’ on a turtle. We are going to rescue this turtle.”

The duo then waits for the shark to disappear and they lift the sea turtle up and into the boat. The turtle had been staying close to the back of the boat. It’s like the little creature was hoping the humans would come to its rescue.

Viewers React to the Clip

When the two get the turtle they are then seen throwing the turtle back into the water at the end of the video. Did they even wait for the shark to vanish?

The creators commented on their video saying “You might now be able to tell but we relocated the turtle a few miles away from the shark.”

TikTok users were quick to appreciate the two men for their good deed to the turtle. One person said, “The sea turtle is endangered and the Tiger shark is not, so thank you for relocating him, even though you took away the shark’s food.”

Others pointed out the frustration of watching people film something before interfering, “That turtle was like, ‘bruhhhhh, put the phone down and help me out!!!'”

While using reusable straws and cutting out plastic straws that threaten turtles in our oceans is an epic way to save the species, this may be one step more epic.