WATCH: Two Men Claim They Saw Bigfoot While Driving in the Woods

by Chris Haney

Once again, another video has been released by individuals who think they’ve captured Bigfoot on film while driving through the woods. For decades, photos and videos have occasionally come out with people claiming they’d encountered the cryptid. Like the Loch Ness Monster or the Jersey Devil, there’s plenty of reported sightings of the creatures, but there’s no concrete proof of their existence.

However, Bigfoot seems to be the one cryptid that keeps people searching for the truth on a constant basis. In fact, reports of the creature aren’t contained to North America only. People claim to have seen Bigfoot or a variation of the creature in numerous countries around the world. The cryptid even goes by 58 different names according to what country you’re in. Other names for Bigfoot-like creatures around the globe include Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Wendigo, and Monkey Man.

Yet Americans frequently seem to come across what they think could be proof of Bigfoot’s existence. In the last two years alone, people have spotted the creature in more than 12 states across the nation. Recently, a new clip came out that seems to catch someone or something running through the forest.

In a video shared on the TikTok account @cryptiduniversity, two men are seen riding down a path in the woods. The passenger is filming their ride and eventually looks to the left. For a split-second they capture an ape-like creature running in the woods beyond the tree line. As the clip rewinds and slows down the footage, the image definitely looks like a Bigfoot-like creature. Whether or not the footage is genuine is a whole different story. Check out the clip below and decide for yourself. Is this proof of Bigfoot’s existence or is it another hoax?

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Bigfoot Lookalike Discovered in Russia Through Google Street Views

Earlier this month, a TikTok video shared another possible sighting of Bigfoot. This time the footage takes us all the way to Russia courtesy of Google street views.

One sharp-eyed TikToker came across an interesting find while looking at Google’s street view feature. While exploring an unknown wooded area of Russia, the social media user came across a haunting image. As the TikToker zooms in, the clip shows what looks like Bigfoot himself. While there’s no confirmation of what the image is actually showing, many people seem to think it’s a woodcarving of the creature.

Additionally, one of the top comments on the clip shared a different theory about the Russian Sasquatch. They wrote that the image is actually a “man in a Bigfoot suit who knew Google was coming.” That’s definitely a possibility as well, but there seems to be plenty debate over the authenticity of the image.

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As the clip continues, it shows another possible sighting of a cryptid on the coast of France. This time it’s not a Bigfoot, but instead a giant snake on the shoreline of the western European country. But in this case, the particular Google image in question that shows the gigantic remains of a snake’s skeleton is nothing but an art installation.

Chinese-French contemporary artist Huang Yong Ping lives in Brevin-les-Pins, France where he created and installed “Serpent d’Océan.” The giant aluminum sculpture depicts a snake’s skeleton. It sits at the edge of the ocean so that the tide covers and uncovers the art daily. While we can debunk the giant snake image, we’re less sure about the Bigfoot image in Russia. Could it be an actual Sasquatch? We may never know.