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Watch: Two Men Wave American Flag, Give Intense ‘Weather Update’ on Hurricane Sally

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Joe Raedle / Staff/ Getty Images)

Two men brave Hurricane Sally’s storms, armed with an American flag to give viewers an entertaining weather report. 

The man, who identifies himself in the video as Mark Fisher, is accompanied by another man named Josh in Fort Morgan, Alabama, where Hurricane Sally is bringing intense rainfall and flooding. 

Josh holds an American flag, which flaps wildly in the harsh wind. The murky water seems to be about knee height as the rain keeps falling on the men. 


The man yells into the camera, shirtless, “This is Mark Fisher down here at Fort Morgan with a weather update. Josh, how’s the weather out here?”

Josh yells something back at the camera, but it is inaudible due to the Category 2 Hurricane’s strong winds. 

The camera goes back to Fisher, who also yells something unclear, eventually ending with “we’re alright”. 

Hurricane Sally Update

Today on the coast of Alabama and the Florida Panhandle, the recovery effort has begun. With heavy flooding and countless debris littering the ground, crews there have their work cut out for them. Down power lines and trees have made roads dangerous, resulting in curfews for residents. Boats and high-water vehicles are also aiding in the hundreds of people attempting to escape their flooded homes.

At least one person is dead, and another is still missing in Alabama’s Orange Beach after Sally made landfall Wednesday morning, says Mayor Tony Kennon.  

Due to the storm’s slow speed of only two or three mph, Sally dropped more than two feet of rain in some places. 

“We had 30 inches of rain in Pensacola… 30-plus inches of rain…which is four months of rain in four hours,” Pensacola Fire Chief Ginny Cranor said.

As Hurricane Sally moves Northeast, it threatens the same fate for other states like Georgia and the Carolinas. 

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