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Watch: Two Tiny Pugs Round up Herd of Cattle at Oregon Ranch

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: Oliver Mehlis/picture alliance via Getty Images)

These two tiny pugs are out to prove they’re every bit the cattle herding dogs as any collie or shepherd – and their owners have the footage to prove it.

Down at the Silvies Valley Ranch in Seneca, Oregon, two of the most unlikely shepherds are hard at work. And while these herding extraordinaires may be tiny – what they lack in size is made up for in tenacity.

Pugs Paisley and Tuff have become internet sensations overnight. Paisley, a three-year-old, and her pup companion Tuff, 1-year-old, have been herding cattle on their owner’s Oregon ranch for the past year. It was just this past week, however, that said owner – Sara Jean Wedel (26) – decided the priceless sight was worth sharing.

And share she did. Paisley and Tuff’s herding exploits have well over 8 million views now. Wedel captures the footage as she rides her horse behind the pugs, but it’s clear they’re doing all the work.

How do tiny pugs herd cattle?

According to DailyMail.com, Wedel says “it started when I felt bad for leaving Paisley inside all day while we were out working. So I started taking her along on short days and discovered she was mimicking the Border Collies. I started teaching her basic commands for cow dogs and she picked up on it and loved it. She got to the point where she would get depressed if we left her behind at the house.”

She adds, too, that when they added Tuff to the family, he felt the exact same. The 1-year-old pug follows directly in his big sister’s footsteps. Now the two, as seen in the viral video, are an inseparable dynamic herding duo.

This is one fantastic ranching video you have to see for yourself:

If Paisley and Tuff are proof of anything – it’s to never judge a book by its cover. Or a dog by its breed.

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